The Best Jetson Electric Bikes: Bringing Back the Joy of Childhood

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From the home of the most inventive and daring electric bike, scooter, and hoverboard, Ride Jetson owns the best gifts for children older than 3 years. The Ride Jetson electric bike company has the most upstanding and outstanding customer service and the 1-year warranty that comes with the Jetson bike and all the other Jetson products is a temp life jacket you can wear for your purchase. The Jetson brand is first known for its crazy cool hoverboards, then the electric bike releases. And now, the ride-on which is like an electric scooter in the form of an electric bicycle sans the pedal deal. Then, you add in the electric and rock-bottom prices they offer for the coolest e-mobility products, the Jetson goods are a sound purchase and a solid winner. So, now, let us let you know how we know that.

Who's Behind the Jetson Electric Bikes?

In many forms, the question that's been googled numerous times of the location, and the ownership of the Jetson Electric Bike company finally we have an official answer for you. The most assuming queries from wondering minds on the internet are, "Is this company a Chinese company?". Well, let all the senses be at rest. The Brooklyn, New York-based e-mobility giant is owned and operated in the United States and is owned by Josh Sultan and all of his super-electric friends. With so many Chinese-made e-mobility products flooding the Amazon, Walmart, and other unassuming markets with defective and relatively disappointing end products with their hit-or-miss electric bikes, and regular and electric scooters, you need a Jetson bike or scooter. Jetson is like finally coming up for a breath of fresh air after the waves of an overwhelming online shopping experience have taken you under. For the people who are absolutely in love with anything electric, the Jetson online store,, is filled with a plethora of hoverboards, electric bikes, and even an electric scooter or ride-on for every member of the family. The Jetson Electric Bike company is determined to give every person no matter age or physical fitness level an outlet to channel creativity and self-expression in outdoor adventuring. The company has always targeted the ability of everyone to get out and enjoy fresh air, while it's still accessible, since its conception in 2011. The Jetson Electric Bike shop is a legit American business that's still growing and learning the best business practices for its consumers. Just in the 10 years since its beginning, Jetson has blossomed into a known source of inexpensive yet quality modes of fun transportation without leaving a hint of a carbon footprint while doing business as usual.

Jetson Bolt Up Adult Electric Ride On

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Why You Need a Jetson Electric Bike Today

When you discover a "cheap" electric bike, scooter, or whatever gadget that is usually a high-priced product, immediately you get skeptical and almost too hypervigilant about the purchase. And so you should! For a lot of family units, money, if not tightly wound around the ever-rising price of gas, electricity, and even groceries at the moment with the inflation surrounding the war in Ukraine, it's certainly not a thing to waste hard-earned dollars on a bike that isn't up to par. While there are so many "cheap" electric bikes out on the market, there's one that carries with it protection from the shipping of it to the year's end after your purchase. The Ride Jetson brand stands behind its products because they know their products are made with the best parts for the money.

What Ride Jetson Is Made Of

The short tour of the parts that Ride Jetson prides itself on begins here. From the handlebars, you'll find on most of its electric bikes and ride-ons an LCD screen that is a gateway to the Ride Jetson app. You'll also discover the throttle, either a push of a button with the thumb throttle or the twist throttle in which a rider will use their wrist to twist the throttle a half turn. There are other means by which a rider can enable the throttle body of a scooter, or bike, but the thumb throttle and the half twist is the throttle Jetson employs on its electric bikes and the electric scooter. Here, too, is where the cruise control lives, on the handlebar system. Now, a little bit further down to the 6061 Aluminum alloy sturdy and durable frame of the scooter or bike, the seat is a cushioned dream for long rides to work or around the neighborhood where you can explore things as you did in your childhood. The bikes vary in design by the bike you pick. Below the seat is a pair of pedals for a bike, a ride-on won't have any pedals. Electric bikes will have a pedal-assist system, and that lets you be in control of whether or not you pedal the bike manually or you use the assistance from the pedal-assist feature. Behind the seat and the pedal system, you'll possibly find a rack that is so practical if you're using the bike to run household errands. Mind you, though, that not all of the Jetson bike options automatically come with the rack. However, many have the hardware installed that you, the rider, can install the rack yourself. Then, below the rack or the place for a rack, you'll discover a fat tire set that's puncture-resistant and has amazing tread. And inside the rear wheel, you'll notice the disc brake that will make the bike stop on a dime by squeezing the handlebar brake lever. Finally, the suspension of the bike lies in the front fork suspension, and also the rear wheel so it feels like you're floating on air. In this very generalized description of the Jetson bike and scooter, hopefully, you can visualize the bike. This can help you while you check out all these best electric bike options for you or your family.

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Our All-Time Favorite Jetson Electric Bikes to Scratch That eBike Itch

Now, this is where it gets so good that you'll need to grab yourself a comfy seat where you can really grasp the details of each. Especially, if you're seriously considering this as the main transportation for yourself or your pre-teen or teenage child or a gift for another loved one, you'll want to have a clear mind and evaluate which bike or ride-on electric scooter here will do the most good. It's important to point out, too, that all the electric bikes here are for anyone who's 12 years old and older. And, with that, let's get going, so you can get going on your best electric bike you've ever ridden.

The Jetson LX10 Folding Electric Bike

The first bike in line today is the LX10 Jetson electric bike ride-on that a rider can take with them wherever they go thanks to the folding mechanism. The bike is a cross between an electric scooter and a folding electric bike bearing a super quiet 250W hub motor, no need for a pedal, much less two, and a twist throttle much like a motorcycle. The difference betwixt a motorcycle and the Jetson bike here is that's a super convenient folding bike, too! You can fold the handlebar down to easily fit it in your car, a closet at your house, or under your desk at work. The possibilities are endless with the handlebar folded down and locked into place on the electric scooter. To offer some perspective, the bike measures 38" x 19" x 36" in L x W x H, and folded the bike measures 38" x 19" x 30". The Jetson bike is all black with white branding on the side with an adjustable seat for the age range that it caters to; 12 years and up. The ride-on Jetson bike also comes in blue, red, and color block. A folding electric bike isn't really practical if it's heavy. Well, the Jetson bike is an easy-to-lug 36-pound dream but can cart around anyone weighing up to 260 pounds. After a 4-hour charge at a charging port, the lithium-Ion 36V/6Ah battery will give you an outstanding 15-mile range of distance, and the bike can accelerate up to 15 and a half miles per hour. Most people have stated that 10 mph is their happy place but for all, you speedy Gonzalez racetrack superstars out there the electric scooter can get to 15.5MPH. And if you don't mind voiding your warranty there are hacks for more speed all over YouTube. A quick Pro Tip is that you need to charge your scooter at a minimum once a month, but every time the battery is at 25-30 percent spent, you need to plug her up.

The Jetson LX10 Folding Electric Bike

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Why We Love the Jetson LX10

Here at e-mobility, we love to get to the main points as a way to speed up your process. So here goes; the best parts of the Jetson electric bike LX10 are many. However, we first love the bang for your buck on this bike. At just under $400 you get a super high-quality electric scooter for a wide range of people. Next, the folding bike thing is the most practical thing since, the electric bike itself, so we really love the folding electric bike. The battery is replaceable meaning it's swappable for bringing an extra battery for the rider who likes traveling. Finally, the battery gives a healthy 15-mile range, and we love that, with the fact that the scooter gets up to 15.5 MPH for all the speed-loving riders. This electric scooter has plenty to offer for its next rider. Could that be you?

LX10 Folding Electric Bike/ Scooter Specifications

Here's a quick specification list of the Jetson electric bike ride-on for you. The super quiet hub motor has the power of 250W, and with the 36V/6Ah Lithium-Ion battery so that you can paint the town and be home for supper. With its 15-mile range and 15.5 MPH you can really go far on the scooter, and with an extra battery, you could take outdoor adventuring to new levels. The waterproof scooter is well equipped to get you home when the rain starts. The electric scooter only weighs 36 pounds so it's easy to get into the house, office, or wherever you want to keep it. As lightweight as the scooter is, it can carry a person weighing up to 260 pounds, but it's advisable not to ride it on a low battery if you're close to the weight maximum. The bike has 10" wheels in the fat tire style in front and the back. The rear wheel bears the responsibility of stopping you quickly with the rear disc brake system, as does so graciously.

The Jetson Bolt Up Folding Electric Bike

They are introducing you to a fan favorite f the Jetson electric bike collection; the Jetson Bolt Up electric scooter, with foot pegs. Let's give the foot pegs some praise for a moment since a lot of people like to rest their feet on something as they ride along. And with a pedal in sight, this bay runs solely on the 350W motor and its 36V/6Ah Lithium-ion battery with the twist throttle of course. The throttle may be the best part of the electric scooter with the ability to speed by with no effort practically. The scooter is also a folding electric bike in disguise. The portability of this folding electric bike is second to none at a lightweight 41 pounds and the bike comes with a carrying handle, for convenience. The strapping young bike can carry up to 261 pounds on a fuller charge. Speaking of the charging port, this bad boy only takes 4 hours max to fully charge. The unfolded dimensions are 46.5" × 19.3" × 38.6", and the folded dimensions are 46.5" × 19.3" × 23", and that's with the rear wheel and the front 14" fat-tire not folded like in other bikes. The Jetson Bolt Up folds at the handlebar as the LX10 does.

Why We Love the Jetson Bolt Up

Now, you know we can't get enough of a folding bike-turned electric scooter, and with foot pegs which some scooters lack. We love the bigger motor and the battery power that allows you to ride throttle all the way. We love the 15-mile range of the battery and the top speed of 15.5 MPH of the quiet yet powerful hub motor. We love that it's so portable that you can tote it around on by its carrying strap. We, over here at E-Mobility think this is an outstanding electric scooter for the grand outdoors to explore with the love of your life or your best friend on the weekends. Then, on the weekdays you might find yourself ditching the car with the crazy gas prices and riding the Jetson bike to work. And by the lightweight portable design, you can take it to your office or cubicle and slide it under your desk. It's that much fun to ride, and that coupled with the price to ride is just under $600, you've got yourself a real steal, kid!

Bolt Up Folding Electric Bike Specifications

In a snapshot of the Jetson electric bike /electric scooter, the unassuming 350W hub motor and the 36V/6Ah lithium-Ion battery are all you need to get back to nature and the fun and excitement that you're wanting to feel again. The 14" fat-tire of the front and rear wheel are puncture-resistant for the best low-maintenance of the wheels. The disc brake on the front tire and the rear disc brake do a glorious job at stopping its rider in a split second notice, every time! The scooter weighs a slight 41 pounds and can carry anyone weighing under 260 pounds and can climb inclines at 15 degrees. The 15-mile range and the top speed of 15.5 MPH give you all the freedom you can handle. And the battery charges at a battery charging port for just a short 4-hour span, but you'll likely notice that the battery doesn't end up needing as much charging as you're expecting. As long as it's charged once a month then you'll have more time to enjoy your new Jetson electric bike- or electric scooter.

The Jetson J5 Electric Bike

Next up is the all-electric J5 Jetson bike with all the throttle and pedal assist that you'd ever want in a bike. The folding electric bike is the portable and uber-convenient folding mechanism under the handlebar so you never have to take your eye off of your super-electric, electric bike. The pure 6061 aluminum alloy Jetson electric bike frame is all dark grey and the housing for the battery is a hard and durable plastic that has a dark grey and black branding all over it. With the 350W rear-wheel hub motor, you can zip right on along with your super-stylish and futuristic-looking bike.

Why We Love the J5

What's not to love with the J5 Jetson electric bike, the 30-mile range, the option of pedal assist or full throttle, or the highly competitive $600 price tag? We love all the things that this Jetson bike brings to the table! You get a bigger motor and a great battery; you get a max speed of 15 mph and a great set of parts and features like the folding bike feature. We love this Jetson bike and there's no doubt that you will too!

J5 Electric Bike Specifications

As above, the J5 Jetson electric bike is driven by its 350W rear wheel motor with the help of the 5Ah lithium-Ion battery. This madman of a bike gets up to 30 miles range with just pedal assist, and about half of that on the full twist throttle. The folding bike that it is at heart folds below the handlebar for ease of portability and pure convenience. You get a max speed of 15 miles an hour the whole ride. The water resistance, swappable battery, and the folding feature beg the question of camping or some other wild adventure in your near future. Ah, can you already hear the great outdoors calling you? You have the fenders, the suspension, and the disc brake system on both of the 14" tires that you employ with the squeeze of your hand. The 37.5 pounds carry a person up to 265 pounds. And the dimensions of the bike unfolded are 47" × 21" × 43" and folded is 47" x 21" x 38" folded to give you an idea for when you're figuring out your upcoming camping trip. It's in the cards, especially now that you know how inexpensive this bike is compared to the competition.

The Jetson Bolt Folding Electric Bike

The Jetson Bolt electric bike is one of the most popular electric bikes on the internet, as is the Jetson Bolt Pro electric bike. The Bolt electric bike is a merge between an electric scooter and a conventional bike with the cruise control, throttle assist of the scooter side, and a frame of a regular bike with foot pegs rather than any pedal action. The electric scooter looks like a compact bike that's all black with a fire red branding on the battery cover and the same shade of red on the front wheel and rear wheel. The electric bike is built to carry as needed by the center of the bike frame for a quick trot over to the beachside or into the park on a lovely Sunday morning bike ride. What makes it more convenient than that is that the electric scooter doubles as a folding bike, too! So in tight squeezes, you can fold the bike below the handlebar and pick the lightweight bike up from the top bar of the electric bike's frame. Seniors, middle-aged, young adults, and kids over 12 years love this particular electric bike because of its increased portability, and the ease of use with its super feather-light weight. In fact, there's no electric bike or electric scooter that compares to its particular features and capabilities.

Jetson Bolt Adult Folding Electric Ride On

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Why We Love the Bolt

Well, aside from the obvious, there's so much more to this electric bike/ electric scooter that we love! We can start with the 250W hub motor that's firmly integrated into the red rim for a single-wheel component. The 36V/6.0Ah HA 103 Lithium-Ion battery has an incredible 30-mile range with the use of pedal assist and a 15-mile range with the use of the twist throttle. You can pedal manually, but it's so much fun to use the pedal assist and the throttle, and if you like speed while riding you'll find that a manual pedal speed isn't really living. We love this carrying bar on the bike combined with the folding bike design for maximum portability. We love how light the bike is and that the lightness offers everyone a real chance at the more exciting things in life. This electric scooter with its compact electric bike design is the best of both worlds by allowing you to go anywhere and seize the day, any day!

Bolt Folding Electric Bike Specifications

With the quiet 250W hub motor and the specialized 36V/6.0Ah HA 103 lithium-Ion battery, the max speed of the electric bike is 16 miles an hour. The range is dependent upon the use of the pedal-assist, or the throttle. When using the pedal assistance, the bike can easily span up to 30-miles, and by use of the twist throttle, you can still get rather far like 15 miles. However, with a rechargeable and removable battery, you can pack a battery or two in a backpack and strap it onto the bike for longer and wilder adventures. The bike weighs 40 pounds with the battery and the bike can carry anyone that weighs 250 pounds or less. The folded dimensions of the Jetson Bolt are 40" x 4.5" x 28" and the unfolded dimensions are 40" x 20" x 37", and to give you some perspective, the folding bike loses almost 10" when the bike is folded up for transport or storing. The electric scooter has a charger for rejuvenation, but always plug the bike into the wall before plugging it into the charging port. Safety is the name of the game here. And speaking of safety, the bike has a rear-wheel mounted rear disc brake to keep you safe and the pedestrians and fellow riders around you, too. The suspension is a work-smarter-not-harder approach, and it works very well to keep you gliding along until either the rear wheel falls off, or it's time to recharge the battery. Since that wheel isn't coming off, you have a lifetime of substantial fun and great exercise with the Jetson Bolt electric scooter bike!

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