A Complete Guide to Onewheel Electric Skateboards

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The Onewheel is an electric skateboard like no other. It’s more like a moving balance board than a skateboard, making it a lot of fun. Not only that, but it looks space-age fantastic with its one center wheel, almost alien-like. So, it is easy to wonder whether you can actually ride one and whether it’s easy to maneuver. Do they even work? So the answer is, Yes, the single wheel board is easy to learn, and it is the new evolution of the skateboard

What Is the Onewheel?

Onewheel is the brainchild of Future Motion, Inc. It’s a single-wheeled board that, when balanced right, moves you. Even at rest with no one on it, the Onewheel skateboard looks a bit like an alien electric board. One tail sits down, and the nose points upward. Kind of like a tiny alien seesaw. Yet the popularity of the single wheel board is skyrocketing. The Single wheel electric skateboard first appeared on the market in 2014. The one wheel board is the brainchild of Kyle Doerksen, the founder of Future Motion, Inc, and over the years, the design has been perfected. The current models are the Onewheel GT, a makeover of the Onewheel XR, the Onewheel Pint X, and the Onewheel Pint.

The most exciting part of this one-wheeled board is that you control it with body motion and not with remote control. It makes the ride more fun, more of a sport, and entertains you when you have to develop the needed body motion and stance skills. 

The Onewheel inspires rideability and makes you want to hop on. The one-wheel electric skateboard offers innovation at its finest. It is an electric, almost hoverboard-like longboard ready to take you everywhere. 

Onewheel GT
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How Does This Thing Work? 

 It’s all about balance when practicing electric skateboarding. The Onewheel has been voted one of the best wheeled remote control electric skateboards. The designers built it with motion sensors to power the skateboard and make it go once you get on. Just step on the deck, bend your knees and lean forward, just like you would on a skateboard, except here, the e-board moves automatically. Want to reach max speed? You need to place more pressure on your forward foot, and the speed increases. It’s a simple concept, though a little challenging to get used to.


Future Motion Inc offers a quantum leap in electric board design and performance with this electric longboard made with a single wheel. You can expect a higher price than you might find on other electric skateboards. But given that a single wheel board offers so much more than other boards, the sticker price may not be too surprising. Most people who have bought a Onewheel feel that this board is more than just a toy. The board makes an excellent mode of transportation. It is a way to avoid traffic and minimize your carbon footprint.  

Future Motion has made three models available for consumers to choose from. But be careful, choose carefully as all three models offer different performance levels.  

For example, the Onewheel GT model is ideal for shredding and offers higher-end performance. It’s got great get up and go, but it does come at a steeper price. Still, considering you have a more powerful motor to go on all types of terrain, a longer battery life, and a longer board, the GT may be worth its $2200 price. 

Compare Costs & Features

As in all things, you can’t compare products on price alone. The GT model takes you faster and farther than any other Onewheel board. You can edge up to a blazing 24 mph and ride for about 32 miles. The board and wheel are also larger than on other electric boards. To put it simply, the GT offers: 

More Power

The higher voltage hub motor offers the needed torque to more dynamic performance. So the GT model has more power and can handle any surface, go further and do more tricks. While the Pint X  and Pint models are fun, they don’t have the power to go all-terrain or climb steep hills. 

A Longer Range

The GT has the longest battery range available on a one-wheel board and can give you a ride of approximately 32 miles (52 kilometers) on a single charge. The Pint X is next in line with an 18-mile charge. 

Better Control

The concave footpads, the grip tape, and the custom tire give you more control, a better feel, and a more profound carving ability.

So the price tag is not that bad for all you get with GT: more power, more grip, better maneuverability, and a giant electric longboard

Where do you get the money for this epic board? Not to worry! The company has paired up with Karna Financials. You can get an easy $92 a month payment. Just download the Karna app to make your monthly payment. It’s as simple as that.  

The Pint X

Need something a little easier to handle and a little less expensive? Try the Pint X. It’s the mid-range model with a top speed of 18 mph and about a 12 to 18 mph charge. It may not be ideal for a long ride or a long commute to the other side of town, but the Pint X can give you as much fun as the GT model. It does have a $1400 price tag, which is slightly less than the amount you pay for the GT model. If $1400 is still too much, you can decide to finance it, and you only need to make a $78 monthly payment. 

Onewheel Pint X
Photo source: onewheel.com


The Pint is the Onewheel basic model, a bit smaller than the GT or Pint X, but at just 27 inches, it can fit anywhere. You can take it on the bus to work in the shop. Just flip it to the side and grab the integrated handle to walk anywhere. 

The Pint could be just the thing; It’s a board that reaches a top speed of 16 mph with a 6 to 8-mile charge range and a price of just $1050. Remember, you don’t have to have all of that cash on hand either. You can finance it through Klarna at the moment of purchase. Then just make your small $58 a month payment.  

Onewheel Pint
Photo source: onewheel.com

What Is the Model Difference? 

The GT Onewheel is the new redesign of the original Onewheel design. It uses a larger central tire, an electronic motor powered by lithium-ion batteries, and an app to get that snowboard-like feel. 

The Onewheel GT has a more powerful 3hp electric motor that can get you up to 20mph (32km/h) and runs for about 32 miles (52kms). It is a little heavier than the other models and ways about 35lbs, and the new concave footpads offer better control and grip. It’s ideal for tall, heavy people who want to do everything with the Onewheel; tricks, jumps, speed, and higher battery range. 

The GT Onewheel can handle almost any terrain. Rough terrain is what this wheel was built to do. With its self-balancing technology, the hardwearing go-kart-like tire can handle hills, cruise the trail paths, and go over hard-packed sand without even stuttering once. 

The Pint X is fast and can also tackle the hills. This board has excellent acceleration and a robust 750-watt motor. Even though it is not the 3 HP motor of the GT, it’s got some great get-up and go. The motor may not be as strong, but it can get those carves and jumps in just as well. 

Then there is the Pint. This base model is short and sweet. It is not long, but it is much lighter than the other two models, measuring 27 inches long and 18 lbs. This mini Onewheel is a compact board to fit your lifestyle.

The Pint is smaller and more compact than the other models. Its range is reduced, but it is still fast enough to handle a few rough spots. It is ideal for the commuter or the beginner who wants to balance on an electric single wheel board

Keep in mind. In the beginning, everything will feel awkward. Standing on the Onewheel will feel very unstable. You have to find your moving direction. It’s like riding a bike for the first time. You’ll have to get the hang of it until it becomes less awkward and unstable. 

Which Should You Buy? 

It depends on what you are going to be using the Onewheel for. 

Hit the Hills

It’s tempting to head straight for the hills with your new board. You are itching to try the inclines and that speed. Just make sure you have the appropriate Onewheel for the job. Both the GT and the Pint X can handle hills and rough terrains well. However, get some confidence before you start, as experience can get you more adrenaline and fun from the Onewheel. 

Size and Weight 

Because the Onewheel XR is a larger board and made for varying terrains, the motor is more powerful, and the board itself is also longer. It weighs about 35 lb (17k). While it is a little on the heavy side, it is still manageable, and you can pick it up to carry. 

The XR model measures 9.5″ x 11.5″ x 29″ in size, and the maximum lean angle is 30º. It runs up to 20mph (32 km) and ranges up to 32 miles (52 km) without needing a recharge. It comes with concave footpads, allowing the user to better control and grip the board.

If you like to travel or want to take your best electric skateboard on your commutes, the Onewheel Pint X might be a better option as it is a bit lighter, weighing in at 23lb. This e-board is 8.5″ x 11.5″ x 27″, making it easier to carry. The X model has a larger center wheel than the Pint and travels at a 12 to 18 mph range.  

Talk about small. The Pint is only 7.5″ x11.5″ x 27″. It is even smaller than the Pint X, and it also weighs 2lbs less. So it is the ideal board to walk around with. Is it too small? It is not too small, but it is 1 inch narrower than the Pint X at 8.5, which means you have to balance your feet a little to make sure they aren’t too far over the board

Does my height affect the ride on the Pint? No. The rider’s height does not affect the Onewheel Pint. Taller people have a higher center of gravity that you will need to work with, but that does not affect the size of the board. The determining factor is foot size and weight. 


The Onewheel GT is the new model for Future Motion. It is a complete redesign of the original. It has a large central tire and an electric 3hp motor and runs at a top speed of 20 mph (32km). It can run up to 32 miles without needing a recharge. Because it is the largest and most potent board, it also has the strongest motor

Both the Pint X and the Pint are equipped with a 750watt motor. It gets the job done and is appropriate for small hills, cracks, and surface changes but is by no means the motor monster of the GT model. 

Onewheel XR
Photo source: onewheel.com


The Onewheel GT board can go for 32 miles (52km) without recharging. It takes about 90 minutes with its included charger. If you decide to purchase the Ultralite charger, the charging time is only 20 minutes. 

The Pint X runs for about 18 miles before it needs recharging. It takes about 90 minutes on a regular charge, but the ultra charger can charge in just 20 minutes. 

The Pint has a run time of just 6 to 8 miles before it needs to be charged. 

Onewheel also sells the Ultralite charger and a car charger for your boards. 

Onewheel GT Hypercharger
Photo source: onewheel.com

Maneuvering Different Terrains

The GT is better at overcoming the challenges of diverse terrains, primarily because it has a bigger wheel and board. But that is not to say that the Pint can’t make changes in asphalt, hills, or sidewalk cracks. All of the Onewheel products can transition from one terrain to another, although the Pint models do not do this as well as the GT. As your skills increase, you’ll soon see you can jump over and dodge more significant obstacles faster to avoid stopping. 

Maneuvering Over Cracks

One of the challenges of skateboards is handling the crack in roads or sidewalks. The Onewheel can do it all because of the large pneumatic tire in the center. Riders can usually control any obstacle, and as your skills get better, you may be able to jump over or avoid obstacles altogether. 

Pavement Transition

The GT model is best suited to rough terrains, but the Pint models can handle small pavement transitions. They can also switch from paved areas to rough surfaces of dirt. Even so, you want to be careful in these terrains as they can eventually scratch and harm the wheel

Max Rider Weight

The manufacturers suggest a rider weight limit of 275lb (125kg) on the GT and the X model and 250lb (110 Kg) on the Onewheel Pint. 

How Difficult Is It to Learn to Ride? 

The Onewheel tire makes riding easy. It is the balance you need to learn to master. In the beginning, it may feel strange, and you may feel like you are losing control of your feet. But in about 30 minutes, your body will become accustomed to the Motion and learn to balance on the Onewheel. 

Your First Ride

When you receive your Onewheel, please charge the battery fully before taking it out for a spin. Use a flat area to practice. You want to find a place without traffic so you won’t have to worry about falling in front of cars. 


The company offers a limited warranty of two years for manufacturing defects. However, this does not include the footpad, tire, and battery pack, which only have a six-month warranty. 

How Long Will a Onewheel Last? 

The Onewheel is made to last for a long time. You can enjoy it for many years, providing you do a few basic maintenance tasks. You will need to replace the tires about every 1,500 miles, and you may have to replace the battery after about 1,000 charges. However, the Onewheel website has all the parts you need, and if you don’t feel confident enough to make the changes yourself, they do have a service department to change the parts for you. 

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International Sales

Onewheel sells to people from many different countries. They provide customer support and email support for warranties and replacement parts. To make a claim, send an email to them through the website. 

What Do The Riders Say?

People who have bought the Onewheel are happy with the product. However, most new riders say it took them a few hours to learn to ride it. Once they overcame the learning curb, they considered it a great product. 

3 Reasons to Buy

You can purchase a new Onewheel board to start a new sport, hang out with friends or run errands from home. There are a few other reasons you might want to consider when purchasing a new Onewheel. 

1. There are no more commute costs: Trains, buses, and subways are getting expensive. When you have a Onewheel board, all you have to do is charge it and go. 

2. Eco-friendly: A significant reason to buy a Onewheel is to cut down on the emissions in the atmosphere. If you use your board to commute to and from work, you won’t need to buy gas, emit fumes or otherwise damage the environment. 

3. Avoid the traffic: You don’t have to use the highways with a one-wheeled board. You can cut through neighborhoods, use the sidewalks or paths and get to your destination faster. No more sitting in traffic. 

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