Your Complete Guide to the Segway X260

The Segway X260 dirt bike has a top speed of 47 MPH and a 76-mile range, is waterproof, and offers exceptional, eco-friendly trail rides and dirt biking.

H.G. Wells once said, “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.” Bike enthusiasts know that nothing could be truer. Feeling the wind in your face as you cycle is an exhilarating and fun experience. But we live in the modern age, right? We want even more thrills, adventure, and speed. We want to experience bike riding to its fullest extent, so the best way to do that is by practicing the sport of off-road biking. Yes. Bikers who practice off-road biking enjoy being a part of a special dirt bike community. They enjoy learning to do tricks and to race. More importantly, with an electric dirt bike, you can practice off-road biking regularly. 

Dirt bike riding is not rocket science, and practically everyone who makes an effort can learn to be a good biker. However, you have to master the mental and physical strength and balance needed for this sport. That’s why starting with a medium-sized light electric dirt bike like the Segway X260 could give you the extra power you need to master this fast-paced sport. It is the perfect way to get in on the fun of fast treks and narrow trails. 

Off-road biking is trail riding at its best. Nothing is as exhilarating, awe-inspiring, and fun as riding over creeks, mud trails, up hills, and over rough terrain at incredibly fast speeds. So, if you are an adventure lover, you and the Segway X260 are a match made in heaven.

If you love biking and think biking along trails on dirt roads and out in the countryside is going to be fun, one of the nicest bikes you could have is the Segway dirt bike, specifically the Segway X260. It is a medium-sized light electric dirt bike that gives you that extra push you need when you want it. The Segway X260 helps you endure longer and push further to ride over those rough terrains and perform those difficult jumps and tricks. 

Is off-road biking hard? Standard dirt bikes are a challenge. They fall. They can cause injuries, and they are always breaking down. The Segway electric dirt bikes make off-road biking a challenge anyone can handle. Here are some benefits of owning an electric dirt bike before you buy one. bike on bridge

Advantages of The Electric Off-Road Bike

Here are some advantages why an electric off-road bike like the Segway X260  is better than a gas-powered dirt bike.


The best advantage of the electric Segway X260 is that it is environmentally friendly. Since your ride doesn’t require gas, it doesn’t produce CO2. In fact, according to the EPA, a car produces about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year, and a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. That’s a lot of emissions for a single person, and if we talk about recreational bikes or vehicles, we can say that we add even more CO2 to the air. We already have a problem with global warming. The environment doesn’t need any more problems, so it is your responsibility as a world citizen to reduce your carbon footprint.

You may be thinking, “Wait!! Electricity is not 100% earth-friendly, so what are you talking about? ” You are right! But electricity is more sustainable than oil and gas. Today, more companies are producing electricity-friendly products, and you can charge these electric products with solar and wind energy, which is not harmful to the Earth. 

Easy to Use

Electric dirt bikes are similar to cars. You shift gears, add speed, and off you go, much like a car, but without the CO2. The Segway X260 can give you that dirt bike feeling without damaging the environment. So, if you are looking for a dirt bike that is safe and easy to use, something you can learn to ride right away, the X260 could be the solution. Riding this dirt bike is as simple as squeezing the buttons in the correct order and learning to balance your ride. 

Powerful Torque

The electric Segway X260 doesn’t have any downtime. You get the quick acceleration you require for off-road biking. The acceleration is often faster than that of gas bikes, as they need to sit for a minute or two before they can move. Remember, less battery charging wait time means more time to have fun. 

Low Maintenance

If we haven’t been very clear yet, it is important to know that the Segway X260 is an electric bike. As such, there is no need to buy gas, which means it is low maintenance. There is no need to do regular tune-ups, oil changes, and gas motor part replacements. All you have to do is charge the battery after you use it, and the Segway X260  is ready to go on the next dirt road excursion. 

Yes. The Segway X260 may have a higher initial cost.  Gas-powered bikes might be cheaper, but they also require much more long-term maintenance. You’ll have to spend money on tune-ups, engine service, and parts replacements. So, if you look at it from all angles, and think about the time you will have to waste doing maintenance on a gas-powered dirt bike, you can see that the Segway dirt bike is the less expensive bike. With the electric dirt bike, all you have to do is charge and go. Eventually, you might have to replace the battery or the electric motor, but that need is a long way down the time-road.

Less Noise

So this may not be something that makes the electric dirt bike perform better, but the noise has been a long-standing complaint of people that watch or live close to dirt bike races. Even people who participate in the sport say the bike’s noise is just too loud. The problem lies in the muffler of the gas-powered dirt bikes. These large mufflers are extremely noisy.  With the electric Segway dirt bike, you don’t have to worry about the noise affecting you, the audience, or any of your neighbors. The X260 operates at a much lower 80 decibels rather than the standard bike. For reference, the everyday vacuum is roughly 70 decibels! 

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About The Segway Brand

Segway began as an American manufacturer of the two-wheeled personal transporter.  Dean Kamen was the man who brought this invention to life in 1999. In those first few years, the company’s headquarters were in his hometown of New Hampshire. The company marketed its product to government institutions like police departments, universities, and military bases.

However, in 2015, Segway was bought by Ninebot, a Chinese company that moved their headquarters to China. The Segway brand now focus on developing a stronger marketing presence in the consumer market, and one of their new products is the Segway X260 dirt bike, a collaborative effort between Segway and Sur-Ron, a company specializing in the eBike industry, with strong financial interests in Segway.

What is the Segway X260?

The new Segway X260 dirt bike results from a collaborative effort between Segway and the more experienced eBike manufacturer, Sur-Ron. It is also the updated pro version of the Segway X160 electric dirt bike. The X260 is a lightweight, medium-sized electric dirt bike. It is designed and built for fast and fun treks off-road, on mountain trails, through fields, and on dirt and mud tracks. The bike has an adjustable seat height, so teens and adults can use it. 

The Main Features


The Segway X260 has a dual drive system that uses a chain and a belt to move the bike. The action then increases the torque at the wheels to move the dirt bike more easily over hills and down valleys. This new technology allows riders to reach top speeds of more than 40 miles per hour in just a few seconds. 

Wheel Balance

In addition, the fat wheels are ideal for off-road conditions, allowing the driver to maneuver over rough terrains quickly. The comfortable suspension and seat can help you navigate these terrains easily, and the electric motor gives you the endurance you need to go distances of up to 74 miles. 

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Connectivity and Data Analysis

There is an interesting data connection feature too. Users can connect their mobile phone wirelessly to the Ninebot app to check the battery level, track their speed, and view data that will help them become better riders. Segway has also considered safety by installing a front-facing 2.5W LED headlight on this electric dirt bike. This headlamp is also powered by the battery. 

Front Display

The dashboard located on the left side of the handlebar is LED operated and shows speed and battery charge level. These are the most important indicators to know in a race or when you are traveling over a longer distance. The lithium battery uses the newest technology, which allows you to ride for up to 74.6 miles on a single charge thanks to its lithium battery pack, which has a quick charging time of just four hours.

Water Resistant

The Segway X260 is also water-resistant, a feature you need for dirt or mountain biking. It is coated with IP67 waterproof grade level coating, giving the bike extra protection and allowing you to see the controls no matter the weather. The IP65 rating also covers the battery, so splashing around in creeks and rivers shouldn’t be a problem here. 

What Is Under The Frame of The Segway X260 

The aluminum frame of the Segway X260 weighs just 121.3 lbs overall and can support 240 lbs of weight. It can move faster and gives riders better endurance and pressure under tough outdoor conditions because it is lighter than many other dirt bikes.  

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Motor and Transmission

The dual drive transmission on the KW high-torque motor moves the bike with a chain and a belt. Using this unique belt and chain combination, the bike can reach a speed of 46.6 miles per hour in about 7 seconds. The X260 runs on just one gear, and this design feature allows for quick acceleration. This top speed can initially be challenging to control because it also calls for balance from the rider. Thus, before attempting any tricks, riders must be careful and first adjust to the torque. 

Brakes and Suspension

With disc brakes on the front wheels and an electric brake on the rear wheels, the Segway X260 provides gentle braking power. The regenerative feature also increases the bike’s range by transferring excess energy between the brake plates and the disc and then back to the battery. 

Bike suspension is key when you are dirt biking. It keeps you comfortable and helps you balance the bike well. The Segway X260 has an unequaled suspension system consisting of an inverted front fork that links to the handlebars for improved stability.

The Segway X260 Dirt Bike Performance

The X260 reaches a top speed of 46 miles per hour and 184 pound-feet of torque in the back wheel. With a weight of just 121 pounds, it can accelerate from 0 to 30 miles per hour in about 4 seconds, making it a potent dirt bike that can take you to the level of adventure you’ve always wanted when dirt biking. Best of all, it can travel 75 miles on a single charge.  

The Price

The Segway X260 is more expensive than most high-end mountain or dirt bikes, even those that are not electrified, due to its high-tech features and quick battery charge time. The starting price for the Segway X260 is $4,999.99, which is not all that much considering a quality mountain bike can run somewhere around $10,000. 

The X260 Compared to The X160

The X260 is an impressive bike simply because of the Segway brand, but does it live up to expectations? Compared to the Segway X160, the X260 is the better buy.  The Segway X260 can accommodate riders of any size, while the Segway X160 is designed for smaller riders. It also has a shorter charge time of 6 hours, whereas the X160 can take all day to charge. The X260 also goes much further on a single charge and has a top speed of 46 miles per hour. The X260’s fatter wheels are also popular with riders because they can make sharper turns and are better suited for this terrain.  

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Visual Design

The X260 has a similar visual design to the X160, but there is a lot more power and some nicer features on the Seglaw X260 dirt bike. It is a top-of-the-line electric dirt bike, much larger than the other Segway models. The handlebars are also more impressive, being larger and offering a cushiony feel for those hard rides. The design of the X260 is sleek and modern, and it is a very attractive option for experienced riders because of its ergonomic design. It has a smoother ride and gives you a little more lift when riding fast. Customers can choose from four available colors: red, white, blue, and black. 


The X260 offers an exceptional riding experience and is very comfortable on and off-road. It is the technology in the bicycle seat that makes a difference on this bike, giving it a nice balance between firm and cushiony. It is not overly soft and aids in maintaining your balance, but it is also not overly hard. It has the perfect firm feel for riding on dirt or sandy trails. 


The technology of the X260 is state-of-the-art, so it excels at reducing hard shocks that come from hitting rocks or holes. It performs exceptionally well on rough terrain, allowing the biker to handle just about any surface as if it were nothing. The surface bumps feel almost like nothing, so you never get any hard jolts. We also want to mention that the Segway X260 does exceptionally well on sandy trails. The drive is as nice as it is on mountain trails. Of course, the wheels get a bit dirtier, but hey, if you can ride comfortably on the sand, it’s worth having to wash the electric dirt bike down after a nice ride. 


Another amazing feature is the X260s ability to perform wheelies with ease. You can get stylish with the Segway X260 and show off all your tricks. The Segway dirt bike has exceptional stability and friction, allowing you to learn all those tricks faster and have a smoother ride. Like anything else, though, doing tricks will be challenging in the beginning. Some newbies prefer to take a class or two in learning to race before they participate in one and start doing all those tricks. Like anything worthwhile, it is going to take some hours of practice.  

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Reasons to Buy

If you are still not convinced enough to buy the Segway electric dirt bike, these three reasons might help you make your final decision. 


According to E-charged Commute, eBikes like the Segway X260 are probably the most sustainable way to start in the off-road biking environment. At least it is much more environmentally friendly than a gas-powered bike that requires gasoline, emits CO2 emissions, and has high maintenance fees. On the other hand, the Segway X260 only requires a charge, and you are ready to go. 


The X260 is a lot of fun, and because of its build, you can easily learn to do tricks and jumps and gain that speed you want. So, even if you are a novice, you can learn the joy of dirt biking, whether young or old. 


Finding a sport that is an adventure, a joy breaks up the monotony of the daily grind.  Plus, when you take up dirt biking, trail riding, or mountain biking, you meet a lot of other dirt bike enthusiasts, and you hit the road together. You start going to competitions and make new friends with similar interests. Dirt biking is a sport that meets the need of most adventure sports enthusiasts. Ride the mountain trails, rush through those small creeks, do a wheelie and race your friends. Dirt biking gives you the exercise your body needs and the adrenaline rush your brain craves. 

Bottom Line

The Segway X260 is a dirt bike that’s worth its price. The brand is well known in the electric mobility industry, even though the Segway dirt bike is a new product. The research, the background, and the technology with which this bike is made are outstanding, and bikers find this dirt bike a top-of-the-line trail and dirt bike that requires little to no maintenance. 

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