The Complete Guide to Some of the Best Onyx Bike Models

Onyx Motorbikes are created to better sustain the world in which we live. This ebike company is known for many efficient types of emobility innovations like electric or hybrid mopeds, and the electric bike. It all started with a dreamer, Tim Seward, and his close buddy, Ryan Montana, from San Francisco, California. This is a story of dedication and determination. Their vision of the Onyx bike finally started to come alive when Tim came to Ryan in 2017 with the original prototype of the first electric bike they attempted to make.

Although it’s always easier to make mopeds when you have money, Seward and Montana had no money to invest in their Onyx bike. They were forced to reach out to a crowd of investors on the Indiegogo kick-starter campaign website, and amzingly, it worked! With the help of some very strategic planning, and the unwillingness to give up, the two dreamers launched the design of what’s now the original Onyx CTY moped on the Indiegogo website in May of 2018. In two short months, an amazing 418 American investors and happy-to-oblige donors had fully supported the cause with a whopping $900,000! Seward and Montana now had a bit more than enough to build a prototype of the bike, breathing life into their dream. To the California boys’ surprise, two more months after the financial support was granted, they had a backlog of 500 Onyx bike orders.

Tim Seward revealed the premise of his design in his official ad on Indiegogo, stating, “We believe every step counts small or big in the efforts to push the world forward to sustainability.”

Today, Seward has landed his perfect job in industrial design and left the company to Montana and the new co-owner, James Khatiblou. The flagship shop in San Francisco is run by Montana; Khatiblou runs the newer shop in Thousand Oaks, California. Both shops are perpetually playing catch up to the demand for the spectacular Onyx bike. What once was only a dream has ultimately become an incredibly successful electric bike shop.

Onyx E-Joe Sports Class Commuter
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A Commitment to Perfection and Locality

You might have read the end of that story and wondered, “Why the backlog?” Why not get more help, right? Well, the admirable goal is to keep the business local to California. So, as for speeding through production by outsourcing the mopeds or opening more locations, it isn’t happening. The California boys are dedicated to their state and the local scene even if it means slower production of their proud creations. On top of that, the owners of Onyx Motorbikes have a system among their mechanics that is pretty ingenious. So, say 10 mechanics each make one whole bike at a time. If ever there arises a glitch or mechanical failure in any 10 mopeds, it’s so much easier to identify which mechanic is responsible and get to the root of the issue. Otherwise, say the mechanics are working on an assembly line of 10 bikes; it’s much more difficult to pinpoint the issue in a timely and effective manner than if one mechanic is responsible for each entire bike they make. Moreover, the Onyx bike “family” has been showing many glimpses behind the scenes on their YouTube channel where you can see firsthand how they operate. Montana and Khatiblou are pioneers in bringing back the light industrial production of PDR businesses of the past right to the heart of San Fran. 

The Best Original Onyx Bikes

We’ve got all the most pertinent, up-to-date, and reliable information here on the Onyx bike of your dreams. How about a moped that covers a range of 75 miles and goes up to 25 mph on the city streets? Does it sound possible? Or what about the quietest motor available because of its perfect location on the bike? Of course, it’s possible because it’s been done! Thanks to Montana and Khatiblou – and the original designer Seward- you can have all of it! Read on to discover why one of these Onyx bikes may likely be your new favorite moped.

Onyx E-Joe Sports Class Commuter behind
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1. Onyx E-Joe Sports Class Commuter

The do-it-all E-Joe Sports Class Commuter bike is equipped with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, a set of fat tires that stick to the road, and a fantastic smartphone app that tells you everything about your bike and your stats. Don’t let the lightweight 60-pound build of this Onyx sporty commuter electric bike fool you. It has a 300-pound payload! Crush your trailblazing goals with the help of the 0-5 gear shifter as a form of pedal assist for the harder workouts, or for taking it easy on the return trip. With the LCD backlit display on the handlebar, you can track your progress, the battery life of the electric bike, and more. Most people say the E-Joe Commuter bike is a cross between an electric mountain bike and some nice mopeds. The Onyx bike will fit any rider between a 5’3″ height and a 6’3″ height perfectly with the 68″ wide and a 41″ handlebar height, making the E-Joe suitable for everyone whether you’re a small or tall rider.

Give Me the Specs

This Onyx bike goes up to 25 mph, recharges in a short 4 hours, and makes a great electric mountain bike or commuter bike. The E-Joe Commuter bike possesses a rear hub motor, and a 750W sustained brushless gear motor (located in the back wheel). The front wheels bear the suspension system which offers the coveted dappling effect. The Samsung 18650 lithium-ion cells drive the 48V 14Ah battery power getting you an amazing 1000W max output and 45-mile range with optimization built right in. And the handlebars hold a Shimano Nexus 8-speed derailleur which changes the gears of the Onyx bike with a chain and multi-sprocket system to aid in conquering all terrains and bustling street scenes. The electric bike comes with a high-quality 26″ x 2.215″ KENDA puncture-resistant tire set to make sure you’re not slowing down for anything. These knobby tires stick to the road or trails with their phenomenal traction. The Onyx bike company also makes a version that has an off-brand MXUS motor and Bengal hydraulic disc brakes for the same price. Any commuter bike that lacks a rear rack is an imposter; the rear rack on the E-Joe commuter bike is a real sight to behold. This E-Joe moped is one of the best with a great value at less than $2000. 

Onyx E-Joe Sports Class Commuter orange
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2. Onyx RCR 72V Electric Motorbike

Next, the Onyx RCR moped could’ve been famous, but it was later outshined by the CTY and CTY2 mopeds. Still, it is one of the greatest electric bikes that the Onyx company produced. The long-range, high-speed, 156-pound electric bike is almost a small motorcycle in many respects. With the 67″ long x 40″ high x 27″ wide RCR Onyx bike you’ll find it has an excellent maximum payload capacity of 350 pounds. The RCR 72V Onyx bike puts you in the driver’s seat, so to speak. This electric road bike with a 23AH/10AH motor is $4350, the introductory price level. With a 23 AH/5AH motor, the bike sells for $4549. If you want a totally unique-to-you RCR nostalgic motorbike, you can opt for the DRT Kit in which you can get a 23AH/5AH Onyx bike motor starting right at $4600. 

This retro café racer is compared to a magnificent ebike that has a feel of a motorcycle. The retro bike is so clean and simple in its design, and the woodgrain and metal pair up perfectly to hide and protect the battery from any water damage. The RCR Onyx bike goes up to 60 mph, but be cautious on the streets if you’re not knowledgeable about your local electric bike laws and ordinances. The Onyx bike shop teaches each rider the ins and outs of riding their new bike before they let you ride it.

Give Me the Specs

You get a 3kW (continuous) and 5.4 (peak) rear hub motor that will allow you reach to 60 mph in sport mode and 7.2 horsepower. The 72V 23AH removable battery can be swapped out for a new one after the 75-mile range has been reached. The bike isn’t too terribly heavy, but you wouldn’t want to push the 145 pounds of aluminum alloy steel around when you can just ride it. The frame is a steel tube chassis with suspension in both the front and rear. The front suspension is a fork system and the rear has a dual Coilover suspension system. The rear wheel is where you’ll find your power-duo of regenerative braking and hybrid hydraulic disc brakes. However, the front wheel has hydraulic brakes, too. The mopeds all come with 3 drive modes (Novice, Intermediate, and Sport modes) and a backlit LCD panel that keeps you in the know about the distance that’s been ridden, battery life, and much more. The bench-style bike seat makes for comfortable rides and a happier rider. The best part of the RCR electric bike is the personalization you can apply with Onyx racing products which Onyx Motorbikes stores carry. If authentic Onyx accessories are outside of your budget, no worries. Your electric bike will also accept universal or third-party accessories.

Onyx RCR 72V Electric Motorbike
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3. Onyx CTY – From Discontinuation to a Whole New Electric Motorcycle

This ghost of a bike was discontinued for mostly unknown reasons, but much to everyone’s delight, it was eventually remade. Most riders have a motorcycle badass living inside their soul. The Onyx CTY bike was the heart-cry of many, a relief from the mundanity of the workweek. The CTY motorbike was thought to be the little brother of the RCR moped with its various amp-hours and capabilities. Despite only possessing half the speed of the RCR Onyx bike, it quickly became a major hit at the Onyx bike shop. But don’t shed any real tears for the CTY bike yet. Sure, the CTY Onyx bike may have been discontinued even after the umpteenth sellouts and outrageous demand. This left many loyal fans and fanatics scratching their heads. The Onyx Motorbikes crew was never going to leave their fans without closure. Introducing the brand new, Onyx CTY2 electric moped!

The All-New Electric Motorcycle: The Onyx CTY2

This electric moped, born from the CTY Onyx bike design, has been revamped with all the bells and whistles. It’s the Onyx bike we’ve been patiently awaiting. The countdown ended in July 2022 with a gazillion and one pre-order. The identical twin of the CTY electric moped may look the same, but the CTY2 has more in store for its new rider.

Give me the Specs

Can you imagine a whole 100 amps of electricity put into an electric moped? The CTY2 bike has been rated for 1380Ah, 60 volts of current, and only 750W, which equals 1 horsepower, can be accessed, for your safety. Still, a 750W, or 6.5V, bike output is not only pretty ambitious but it’s much more than most, especially with the 48V of torque handed down from the original CTY Onyx bike. The battery management system or BMS is Bluetooth enabled so it can readily communicate with Onyx’s smartphone app effectively. With the battery management system, the range of the CTY2 electric moped is dependent upon the three modes in which the rider travels. Outdoor splendor will be had worry-free with the same woodgrain protector of the battery in the RCR mopeds. Take advantage of the 300-pound maximum payload capacity with your favorite co-rider. The 67″ long x 40″ tall x 27.5″ wide, 145-pound CTY2 Onyx Bike (which includes the weight of the 15-pound battery) is deceptively compact with angle climbing capabilities that are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Taking it to the streets, the trails, or wherever you want to this bad boy will climb 45-degree hills thanks to the serious torque behind it. The CTY2 Onyx bike can splash around mudholes while driving an exceptional 40 to 60-mile range. The simple feel of the dark grey steel pipe chassis adorned with the battery protector in a woodgrain finish screams classic café racer, just as the original CTY Onyx bike did. The CTY2 Onyx bike is more prepared for wet roads and unnecessary controller replacements than was the original CTY. With the customized KLS6018S controller now tucked safely away under the upgraded Onyx bike frame, there’s one less thing to worry about. A controller on an electric bike monitors the speed, acceleration, motor power, battery voltage, and pedaling activity, among other essential elements and bike functions.

Onyx CTY
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4. CTY2: You Need More?

You probably already know that the CTY 2 Onyx bike right out of the box is ill-equipped for extreme adventure. Your first mission is unlocking the Sports mode. You’ll need to look under the cover of the controller and manipulate the two sets of wires inside. When you’re officially a rider of an Onyx bike like the CTY2 electric moped, you’ll witness the bike’s 1500W minimum plus its rated 4000W maximum output from its spectacular hub motor! A quick twist of your wrist releases the full-throttle power of 60V of instant torque from the brushless hub motor. Now, the speed output depends on the mode the CTY2 Onyx bike is in. For instance, in the ECO mode, the rider can reach a 20 mph (give or take a few mph) top-out speed. Whereas the NML and SPT speeds are 30+ and 40+ mph, respectively. And the reported speeds aren’t set in stone, or steel even. An Onyx bike like the CTY mopeds has been reported to gain about 5 more mphs than the official Onyx bike manual states. Now, the all-new battery system and charging access to the 60W/1446kWh Samsung Lithium-Ion battery are complete with a quick-charging connector that resides at the bottom of the frame of the Onyx bike. Having everything tucked inside the battery housing system keeps the rider out of the Onyx racing product store since wire replacements won’t be as frequent. You’ll certainly need to get on over to any one of the retailer sites or the Onyx Motorbikes website or mechanic’s shop pronto to get your hands on this all-star bike!

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Before You Ride…

With some general guidelines from your local or state website, you’ll be better educated about all of the rules that have been specifically set up for electric bike riders. Although it’s unique to go from a quiet urban street in Eco mode at 30 mph, then with the push of a button blaze past the major highways and byways (in the bicycle lane) at a full 60 mph, it’s not completely legal unless you’ve registered your bike first. So, after you’ve ordered your brand new Onyx bike, familiarize yourself with the specific rules and regulations of your city and state and register it! And for the love of Pete, wear a helmet!

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