See How Jetson Bolt Pro Electric Bikes Make Life Easy

When you get to a point in life when an electric bike can just makes life easier, take the plunge and get one. But where do you begin? Well, get comfortable while we discuss the Jetson Bolt Pro electric bike.

Folding Bikes to Electric Folding Bikes: Ever-Popular Bikes

We all know that not all electric bikes or electric scooters are created equally, let alone electric folding bikes. And when it comes to making a pretty big dent in your wallet there is no room for error in judgment. Since the 17th-century people have been shelling out good money for their best options for bicycle transportation- way before the electric bike was an option. Thanks to the dreamer and inventor Emmit G Latta for putting the foldable bike on the map back in the late 1880s. Now, we can take our bikes wherever we go like a woman carries her purse. (Ok, we know a foldable bike is bigger than a woman’s purse, but with some women, the weight of each is probably about the same.) But all jokes aside, it seems that all things are suddenly possible for the electric bike companies. Since the unraveling of the most financially draining current events in the world right now, there’s been a great surge in demand for electric bikes like the best the Jetson folding electric bikes. All bike companies have been releasing their very best electric bikes, including the best electric folding versions, too, like the Jetson Bolt Pro electric bike.

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Your Journey to the Ultimate Folding Electric Bike

When it’s time for a whole new way of getting around town, it can be a little bit overwhelming to decide on your best electric bike option. Please don’t feel a need to rush to the first bike you see. There will be no settling just to settle here! Be thorough and purposeful in your search, and count on us to show you the way. When you’re shopping for the best electric bike for you and your family there are some things to consider first. We want to walk you through the electric bike buying process to ensure your satisfaction with your future bike is the ultimate folding electric bike!

Your Complete Buying Guide to Folding Electric Bikes

First, it’s important to let it be noted that the best electric bike for you doesn’t always have to come with all the bells and whistles, and that’s okay! A 750W or 1000W brushless hub motor is nice but it comes with a heftier price tag and a bit more maintenance. A bike like the Jetson Bolt Pro folding electric bike will be perfect as a commuter bike or a leisure bike and does well in urban areas. So, if this sounds like your kind of bike, don’t add it to a cart anywhere just yet. First, you’ll need to know your “why” before you can be sure that this Jetson electric bike checks all your boxes.

Step 1: Know Your “Why”

Now, knowing your “why” simply means you’ve carefully predicted what you’ll mostly use this bike for. Will you need it for a leisure or exercise bike? Or will you want the bike to be on your way to run your household errands? The list can go on and on. Then, if you’re looking for an electric bike to run errands on you want to look into bikes that have a rear rack and a mean suspension system. Now, after you’ve found your “why” you’ll want to think about how frequently you plan to use the bike. Knowing this can be helpful when it comes time to decipher things like range, and the wattage of the motor. And ask yourself questions like, “Will you want a pedal-assist system, or full throttle capabilities?” Next, take a look at the geography around you to make a decision based on the handling an electric bike offers. In rural towns, there are fewer paved roads, for example, so you’re going to need to find an electric bicycle that has the best suspension and bigger wheels. But on the other hand, the situations that come up in the city like subway rides and keeping one eye on the bike rack and one eye on your work are indicative of a need for a folding bike. These are some ideas of what will help you weigh out the pros and cons. Who’s to say you can’t still live in the country and have a need for a folding electric bike, or what other e-mobility “toys” you may want?

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Step 2: Know What Makes a Great Folding Electric Bike

Finally, you’ve got your purpose, know how frequently you will use it, and the geography noted, now it’s time to really hone in on what even makes the best folding electric bike. Certainly, you’ll want to know how to employ the folding mechanism on your folding electric bike, right? It may come easy to some, but not every folding bike follows the same design. So, the Jetson electric bike has a signature folding design at the handlebars while other folding bikes may fold in half, wheel to wheel. There are more folding electric bike designs but these two are good designs. Aside from where the folding bike may fold, there are a few more considerations that come into play here. A great folding electric bike needs to have a great lithium-Ion battery, a powerful enough motor, and things in that area.

A Great Electric Bike

It’s not enough for most people that a bike can be folded, of course, there has to be a whole bike behind the fold. A battery for one is arguably the most important thing part of an electric bike followed by the motor. After that, the rest is covered by these two key components. Pedal-assist, the throttle, and even cruise control if it has it will be governed by the motor and the battery will play a big part in that too. The battery will give you the range of distance you’ll need to get from point A to point B or C. You’ll want to have a good brake system on your electric bikes like disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, or even regenerative braking. A helpful hint, regenerative brakes are expensive and the Jetson Bolt Pro doesn’t use them. A great electric bike will also come with a very responsive customer care center and a warranty of some kind.

Battery & Motor: How to Know It’ll Meet Your Needs

Moving on, the folding electric bike doesn’t usually come too beefed up with a 500W hub motor and a 48V/12ah battery because they’re made to be lightweight and compact. A big beefy battery will make the Jetson Bolt Pro go from 41pounds to about 71 pounds just like that. Besides the weight, the bike will need to be made a bit bigger so then the compact design goes through the window there. For a folding electric bike, you’ll typically see a 250W to a 350W hub motor and a good old lithium-Ion battery close to the 36V/6.0A power that the Jetson Bolt Pro folding electric bike comes with. Plus, the Jetson Bolt Pro comes with that coveted cruise control that not every folding bike has!

Folding Mechanism: Where Is It & How Does it Work?

Now, we’ve touched on the way the Jetson electric bike folds, but not all folding bikes are easy to get along with. In some brands of folding bikes, the mechanism isn’t easy to employ. And just like that, the folding electric bike has become a regular electric bike! You want to look for an easy way to fold and carry your electric bike. The Jetson has a standard way of making their foldable bikes practical by the carrying strap that appears after the bars are folded down and the top bar on the body of the bike is made to be a carrying aid. If you plan to use your bike to commute and it involves buses, subways, and trains, Jetson will pay for itself in no time!

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The Components of an Amazing Folding Electric Bike

At first glance, it may not seem like there’s a whole lot that goes into a little electric bike, right? Well, every feature of the battery and the motor tie into one another, and the ways the comfort and safety of the bike are integrated may make it seem like a lot, but when done right, they can have a profound effect on the handling, geometry and in a seamless way. This is what you want in the best electric bike, folding or not! The parts of the electric bike should all be a seamless symphony that hums quietly from its still-powerful motor. The parts of the electric scooters from Jetson do that by a controller that they place so inconspicuously under the comfortable seat. So, how does the Jetson electric bike make so many options for the ride?

Throttle & Pedal Assist System… And Maybe Cruise Control?

Finally, there’s a cruise control button! As if the pedal assist and the throttle weren’t awesome all on their own, there’s one more way to control your convenience and comfort. The pedal assist comes in one mode and will give you the most range whereas the throttle comes at a price of a shortened range. Finally, when you’ve had a rough day at the office, you can get up to 15.5MPH and ride on cruise control all the way home. The Jetson Bolt Pro electric bike has got to be the easiest way to travel by bike! The range the Jetson Bolt Pro electric bike offers is a whopping estimated 30 miles on the pedal assist, throttle gives a 15-mile range, and the cruise control is closer to a 10-mile range.

What’s with the Small Wheels?

Next up is the most commonly posed query on every folding electric bike “what’s with the small wheels?”. A very valid wondering, indeed! The small wheels are to add to the practicality of the folding bike itself. Typically, on a folding electric bike, you’ll see anywhere from a 10″ tire to a 20″ (still small) tire and the folding bike’s wheels will look like a fat tire in many respects. One respect is that they use a fat tire and small wheels for the compact design and added stability. When you look at electric scooters, you can see that they have a similar design and that is for safety concerns that arise with the smaller body of a bike or scooter. The small wheels are a good thing and you should embrace them. 

Get A Warranty with Your Folding Electric Bike

Yes please! You should always look for an electric bike that carries a warranty with it! In the way that everything is shipped directly to consumers now, you want to have some protection for your purchase. Thank goodness for the standard 1-year limited warranty that the Jetson electric bikes come already in place. And you want to look for that in any other electric bike aside from Jetson electric bike, as they don’t all automatically provide a warranty in other brands.

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The Difference Between the Folding E-Bike & All Electric Bikes

To start, the differences between a folding bike motor and that of a typical electric bike are major. The typical motor of an electric bike is between 350W up to 1000W. Although a 1000W motor is illegal to use here in the US, the makers of these bikes usually sell them as a 750W motor that can be unlocked by app or by hacks. Also, in the electric bike that isn’t a folding bike, there’s a motor of several various types like the brushless hub motor, the geared hub motor, or even a mid-drive motor. But what comes with it is a bigger electric bike that isn’t portable in any way. Even the battery could be bigger with a higher voltage and amp-hours, but the battery size is directly connected to the size of the motor and vis versa. The main thing is that it’s all about what the consumers need in electric bikes and scooters. There are many reasons to opt for a folding electric bike over an electric bicycle, mostly security reasons and convenience.

The Jetson Folding Electric Bike Difference

The Jetson Bolt Pro folding electric bike comes from a sort of lineage of electric scooters that are all foldable scooters for every taste. In the way the Jetson mastered the commuter bike for real-life people in all types of circumstances, the Jetson electric bike has also made the ultimate leisure bike that you can pack up in the backseat or trunk of your car and take with you on a vacation. You can ride it to work or the train and pack it away under your desk and when you arrive home you can charge it in your living room and pack it in a coat closet until the next workday. On your time off though, you’re going to want to take it out and show it off to the neighbors. Yeah, it’s that good!

It’s Not Jetson’s First Time at the Rodeo

The Jetson company has had plenty of experience in bringing forth the newest and most advanced electric scooters along with hoverboards, children’s bike designs and so much more. Starting with the LX10 electric bike, the J5 electric bike, the Jetson Bolt, the Bolt Up, and this beauty the Bolt Pro, these are the most reliable, trustworthy electric bike and ride-ons (electric scooters) that you’ll ever buy. You will never buy anything but a Jetson ever again!

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The Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bike

The Jetson Bolt Pro is a genuine folding electric bike that has all the bells and whistles of a folding bike. With a 350W hub motor and a lithium-Ion 36V/6.0 battery to back up some rides with a special someone to a special place on a Saturday night. The electric bike will get you the furthest using only pedal assist but for times when it calls for you an exhilarating and out-of-this-world ride the throttle is your guy. Unlike any other is the option for cruise control on a deserted road somewhere that can lead you home or somewhere unexpected. It’s ultimately your call. Sometimes let your taillight and your headlight be the guide and hang out somewhere new with someone you’ve known forever. And the rest is your story. Enjoy! 

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Official Jetson Bolt Pro Specs


Charge Time

Li-Ion 36V/6.0A

Up to 4 Hours


1 Year Limited


350W Hub Motor

Bike Weight

41 LBS

Max Speed


Minimum Age Requirement

12 years of age

Max Range

30 miles w/pedal assist 15 miles w/throttle

Max Weight

265 LBS

Pedal Assist/Throttle/Cruise Control

Auto pedal assist

Twist Throttle button

Cruise Control


14″ wheels

Rear Disc Brake/ Hand Brake


Unfolded Dimensions

L x W x H

46.5″ x 19.3″ x 38.6″

Folded Dimensions

L x W x H

46.5″ x 19.3″ x 23″

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