A Complete Guide to the Gotrax GXL V2


Gotrax GXL V2, the greatest Commuter Electric Scooter, considers a bicycle’s safety, quality, and essential convenience features. With features like excellent brakes, pneumatic tires, and built-in lighting, they try to provide clients with the greatest ride possible. The Gotrax GXL V2 scooter is one of the ideal options for those needing an affordable, useful, and dependable bicycle. It is lightweight and has excellent brakes yet will not strain your budget.

Since its beginning in 2017, GOTRAX has been a major player in the world of electric scooters. However, in such a short period, GOTRAX has produced and marketed a vast array of adult and kid’s electric scooters to accommodate a range of users. The electric scooters are manufactured for people who wish to skip renting and add a personal touch to their mode of transportation. In addition, people considering using their e-scooters want to know how quickly they can get to work. The highest speed of their high-performance adult electric scooters is 20 miles per hour, while the slowest model reaches 15.5 miles per hour. The Cruise Control function is extremely useful so that you do not have to maintain constant throttle pressure during your drive. Hold for 10 seconds to engage, then touch the brake to deactivate. If you’re a beginner at riding an e-scooter, Gxl v2 is the best choice.

In the past, scooters were powered by gasoline (petrol). Still, today they are mostly battery-operated, making less noise, using less energy, and requiring significantly less maintenance than their predecessors. So let’s find out the benefits of using an e-scooter.

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Advantages of Electric Scooters

Little Maintenance

Electric bikes need little maintenance; in fact, nearly none. Once a month, you must verify that screws are correctly tightened and lubricate as necessary. However, that is all there is unless some parts break. Always get electric scooters from a reputable brand since their components are long-lasting. Even if you need to replace a wheel, a light, a solid tire, or a damaged mudguard, the expense is little compared to the cost of automobile ownership.


Electric scooters are portable and lightweight. There are electric scooters that weigh less than 22 pounds. Still, most weigh between 20 and 25 pounds, depending on the model and battery capacity. You will find a folding electric scooter to be incredibly useful. It can be folded and unfolded in three seconds and fits beneath your desk. You may bring it to work or school without having to leave it outdoors.


Driving an electric scooter is enjoyable, and after becoming used to riding, most riders want to know what top speed looks like. Consider safety precautions at all times and ride at high speeds only when practicable and safe: on a level, dry surface with no traffic and in a straight line. This page contains our safety recommendations for riding a GXL V2 electric scooter. Most electric scooters attain a maximum speed of 20-30 km/h (16-19 mph) at full throttle, for example, Gotrax Gmax; however, most of these scooters are factory-limited. Thus, they may be able to reach greater speeds if unlocked. You may unlock some models simply by going to the scooter’s control panel and deactivating the speed restriction. In contrast, others need a more involved firmware update.

Gotrax GXL V2 Features

The Gotrax electric scooter is the ideal beginner for someone new to the world of scooters. It is trustworthy, stocked with high-quality goods, and offers everything you may want. It is the finest option if you’re searching for a beginner-friendly model with excellent maneuverability and stability. Following are the features to consider:

Gotrax GXL V2 side view
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The GXL V2 features a wide downtube (to accommodate the non-removable battery), a narrow deck, and an extremely angular connection between the two pieces. The scooter is mostly black, except for a white GoTrax logo on the downtube. A single handbrake cable runs down the outside of the scooter’s downtube. It distinguishes the GoTrax, but not in a positive manner. While many bicycles have visible brake lines, most electric scooters hide them inside the body.

A little bell and a display indicate your speed and remaining battery life on the handlebar. The scooter’s front light, riding modes, and on/off switch are all controlled by a single button. On the right side is a throttle lever operated by the thumb. The GXL V2’s cruise control is activated if you keep the lever down long enough, so you don’t need to press the button for the duration of your journey. The brake application deactivates cruise control. The GXL V2 can be folded neatly in half using the tab and lever at the base of the downtube.

Gotrax GXL V2  front view
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Battery Life

The Gotrax GXL V2 battery is ideal for rides of up to 20 kilometers on a single charge. It may also be recharged in around four to five hours if required. It is a modern-looking, well-designed e-bike that provides a smooth, dependable ride. It has pneumatic air tires with a diameter of 8.5 inches and a rear disk brake with excellent stopping ability. If used moderately, the typical lifetime of a lithium-ion battery is around three years.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires provide several advantages over other tire types. They are more resilient and provide superior traction and grip. The primary advantage of pneumatic tires is that they absorb shock. In addition, the road surface continuously changes when riding on the road, causing tire pressure to fluctuate. Typically, the rider notices this pressure shift and must adjust by slowing or speeding up their vehicle. This variation in pressure is absorbed by the pneumatic tire, making the journey more pleasant for the passenger and less stressful for the vehicle.

Gotrax GXL V2 tire front
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Because they are filled with air and have a very low rolling resistance, pneumatic tires offer higher traction than other tires. It implies that its durability is enhanced when your vehicle rides on them. However, given that the GXL V2 lacks suspension and its tires might be rough, you must choose tires that suit you well.

They use pressurized air to produce an air cushion inside the tire, which improves the tire’s performance in wet weather. It is softer than solid tires. Therefore, you need to take care of them because they are more prone to damage than solid tires. Scooter tires are often pneumatic. Both feature pneumatic tires and break the trend of inexpensive scooters. The price tag is also a consideration. A new scooter with pneumatic tires may be more affordable than one with solid rubber tires.


The Gotrax commuting electric scooter has a premium 250-watt motor and 187-watt lithium-ion battery and is offered for a very affordable price. This combination of characteristics is certain to satisfy the hunger for power of any rider. There are two-speed settings ranging from 10 to 15.5 mph. Regardless of your inclination, you have access to all of them. It also aided in hill climbing and gave a significant speed increase on slopes as steep as 10 degrees. However, as you neared the summit, the speed slowed.

The cruise-control feature on this electric scooter is the customer’s favorite feature. It helps you to maintain your pace without continually pressing the foot down. The battery life of electric bikes will be depleted over time if they are left in a state of regular usage. This feature is not available on all premium models, but it is an option you should explore if you are fascinated with the concept of an electric bicycle. The Gotrax GXL v2 is user-friendly and enjoyable to ride. The first time you use it, you will notice the simplicity of control and the absence of other devices’ speed wobbles. The company claims that the maximum range of the GoTrax GXL commuter scooter is 19 kilometers. During the range test, conducted on a regular urban loop with stops/starts, hills, and difficult terrain, the best commuter electric scooter GXL V2 traveled 16.3 km on a full charge. The rider’s weight (74 kg) did not affect the test. The range of your scooter will reduce if you push it uphill, ride it in cold weather, drive on slopes, or drive over curbs. If you avoid these circumstances, you can go somewhat longer before recharging. The scooter’s modest weight makes it feasible to use a regular kickstand.

Gotrax GXL V2 front
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The foldable mechanism and lightweight frame of the scooter make it easy to carry. However, this scooter’s folding process is not as simple as other versions. First, you quickly disengage the safety pin that holds the folding mechanism. Then, pull down the red lever at the stem’s base to collapse and allow it to fold itself.

The safety pin is integrated into the scooters, so you do not need to carry a metal pin when you are scootering. However, you may tolerate one disadvantage: folding the scooter will take between 5 and 10 seconds. The GXL V2 is lightweight and simple to transport and store. This collapsible bicycle may easily fit into an office, hallway closet, or even a trunk.

Hill Climb

During the standardized hill climb test on the scooter (200 ft, 10 percent grade, 165 lb rider). It finished the test in 20.9 seconds at an average speed of 6.5 mph. It is similar to the Xiaomi M365, reaching the summit in 20.8 seconds with an average speed of 6.6 miles per hour.

The GXL V2 offers respectable hill performance, but be aware that climbing steep slopes will be sluggish. Nevertheless, if you supplement the motor with a few kicks on an elevation, you will be able to overcome a great number of metropolitan ascents. However, remember that hill climb performance (along with other metrics like range, acceleration, and peak speed) will decrease as you approach the 220 lb weight limit.


The LED display is bright and simple. It displays speed and battery life. A lever controls the brakes on the left side of the handlebars. The right-side accelerator is a comfortable thumb throttle. The feel and shape of the accelerator knob are very pleasing. It provides great motor control and eliminates the possibility of unintentional acceleration while holding the handlebars (like some index-finger-operated designs).

The power on/off, lights, and “gear” are all controlled by a single little red button in the stem’s center. The handlebars are quite narrow yet sufficiently broad to provide a somewhat natural stance. However, keeping the handlebars relatively short makes the scooter portable and easy to store.


The GXL Commuter V2 has both front and rear disc brakes. The front regenerative brake is adequate, but the rear disc brake steals the show. During the 14-mph-to-zero-mph braking testing, the V2 stopped at 16.7 feet. It is a positive outcome. The M365, a superior scooter, had a stopping distance of 17 feet in contrast. GOTRAX did an excellent job putting disc brakes onto a low-cost electric scooter. Numerous other rivals at this price range (and even much above) have just a single, sometimes unreliable braking system.

Gotrax GXL V2 up close back tire
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LED Lights

The GXL V2 has a headlamp and reflectors. If you want to ride with your Gotrax scooter in low-light circumstances, you will need to buy an extra light. However, the headlights are adequate for well-lit environments.

The taillight is usually a worthwhile safety device to have. Ensure you utilize it while cycling in urban areas, whether to increase your visibility to a potential follower or to be visible. 


The GXL V2 can endure a limited quantity of water spray, although it is not completely waterproof. They have an IP54 water-resistant rating. It is important to be aware of this and protect your e-scooter from the weather since water damage caused by rain may invalidate your warranty. The Gotrax GLX v2 is resistant to water. However, it is not waterproof. It will shield your electric scooter from mild rain or sprinkles. The electric scooter is more suited and popular since it can be ridden in low-light conditions when it would otherwise be too difficult.

Charge Time

The GXL V2 has a charge time of 3 to 4 hours, which is outstanding compared to other inferior scooters that take up to 12 hours to charge. The charge duration is just four hours, so you may charge it while at work and never have to leave your desk.

Gotrax GXL V2 other side
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How to Keep your Scooter Safe?

It is important to maintain your scooter to continue serving you. Pay close attention to your surroundings and the roads/paths you ride on to avoid flat tires, loose bolts, and broken LED displays. Avoid glass and other sharp things that might puncture your tire or tire tube. Do not ride your electric scooter off jumps or down staircases; our e-scooters are designed for the road, not stunts. The weather may also have a significant role, particularly rain. Unfortunately, not all of our electric scooters, including the GXL V and Apex, have an inbuilt lock. It is suggested to buy a bike chain or u-lock as an extra security measure. These are also compatible with our integrated lock e-scooters.

For some GOTRAX adult electric scooter models, you may use a wired tiller lock to secure your e-scooter to bike racks, railings, or other things fixed to the ground, preventing theft. You should use this great function if you own a G3, G4, GMAX, GMAX Ultra, or G Pro. You may even establish your 4-digit code for your lock. The majority of e-scooter tires will be pneumatic or filled with air. Tires that are correctly inflated will last longer and have a greater range. However, if they are underinflated, they provide less protection and bounce.

Additionally, they are more susceptible to punctures, and your e-scooter will not handle them either. Therefore, we do not recommend that you always fill your tires. But you should always do a brief pre-ride inspection to see whether they need it.

The tires of your e-scooter are very simple to inflate. In most instances, you only need a bicycle pump. First, check the instructions for your electric scooter to determine the appropriate inflation pressure, then use the gauge on the side of the pump to determine when to stop pumping.


Fun shouldn’t stop as you grow older, and scooters are no exception. However, you may still discover the appropriate ride for your requirements, whether you are an adult, beginning to try out any sport, or a veteran rider who has outgrown their old scooter. Gxl V2 e-scooter is available at a price that won’t break the bank. This electric scooter’s maximum speed of 15.5 mph is generated by a 250W motor in the front wheel. Our 8.5-inch pneumatic tires offer a comfortable ride regardless of speed, as they absorb the stress from potholes and cracks throughout your journey.

Even when not in use, this scooter has benefits. Easy one-touch folding allows you to conserve room while storing or charging your electric scooter. The best storage locations are dry and cold. It would be best if you avoided temperature and humidity extremes to get the maximum use out of your e-scooter. The GXL V2 commuter scooter has a IP54 waterproof certification and an aluminum alloy frame to withstand whatever the environment throws. This adult e-scooter is recommended for people seeking to enter the world of electric scooters. It is the best electric scooter for beginners. The GXL V2 is distinguished from the competition by its superior construction, 180-day guarantee, and price-to-quality ratio.

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