A Complete Guide to Varla Scooters

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The electric scooter is a practical, environmentally friendly, cost-effective mode of transportation that has become more popular in recent years. Many people consider regular bicycles far more challenging to ride than electric scooters. However,  Varla Scooter offers a simple-to-use alternative to getting around. 

The use of electric scooters has increased significantly in the micro-mobility sector. The Varla electric scooters offer speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. They are a low-maintenance option to get around. This guide will help you learn about electric scooters for newbies, the advantages of using a Varla scooter, and our top picks.

Why Choose an Electric Scooter?

Riding an electric bike is so effortless that it feels like gliding on land. An electric scooter is the best option for folks who typically ride on level roads and wish to save time commuting to work, the gym, the grocery store, etc.

In addition to being simple and comfortable to ride, electric scooters are designed to give the rider a sense of independence when they move around and engage in on-road and off-road adventures. It can be an exhilarating experience to ride on an off-road scooter such as the ones offered by Varla. 

Varla has a wide range of electric scooters available. Take a look below to see some of the highest-ranking Varla scooters. 

Varla Eagle One Dual Motor Electric Scooter

One of the greatest entry-level, high-performance versions, the Varla Eagle One superpowered scooter checks all boxes for a quality ride. Even though this brand is newer to the market and has several models available, it is a monster.

Available for $1600, this electric scooter is intended for the dedicated rider and devoted enthusiast. 

Varla Eagle One
Photo source: varlascooter.com


The Eagle One thrives in speed and power, which should be no surprise given its dual 1000W motors and the maximum output of 3200W. In addition, this bike has excellent acceleration capability because of its highest work, which can start a wheel spinning at full velocity when it is still. As a result, this scooter accelerates faster than most traditional mopeds, reaching 30 km/h in seconds. Three gears are available to riders, each offering a different level of power and speed. They can also change from single to double). 

Riders can increase their battery performance and range in Eco mode, which allows for degrees of approximately 40 miles. Along with this, a 40 mp/h speed limit is perfect for people who love adventures. However, consider that factors like rider weight, elevation, and topography may impact overall performance. This model’s ability to climb hills is exceptional, quickly and efficiently ascending slopes of more than 30 degrees. Experts advise riders to wear proper safety gear. Varla prioritizes riders’ safety, too, so the company offers a complete pair of knee, elbow, and wrist protectors within the package.

The Varla Eagle One comprises a massive 52V 18.2 Li-ion battery with a 2-year warranty. The battery is the same size as the Apollo Ghost (a competitor), but Varla has outperformed Apollo by a long shot. Lithium-ion batteries have quickly become the industry standard with their longer lifespan, greater capacity, and quicker charging times than their conventional counterparts.

Since the Eagle One is a high-performance, long-distance eScooter, users were pleased with its good charge time, which is only an 8 to 9-hour single charger. Comparatively, the Ghost needs 12 hours to charge with the regular charger. Other electric scooter models with comparable performance also need 12-hour or longer charge durations. In addition, riders may use dual charging for 4-5 hours, thanks to two charging connections.

A lithium-ion battery of ordinary quality typically lasts 600 to 1000 charge cycles or more before experiencing any problems. In addition, Varla offers a 2-year battery warranty, protecting riders should any issues arise during this time.

Despite many top features, this model continues to be inappropriate for short-distance commuters who prioritize portability and want maneuverability. Given that it is a high-performance scooter, it is evident that thrill-seekers and ardent enthusiasts are drawn to it. In addition to being extremely durable, such a frame can take hard impacts without buckling, bending, or warping. A smooth ride that quickly absorbs minor potholes, speed bumps, and other roadside obstructions is produced by the outstanding integrated dual spring suspension, which also ensures a high degree of rider control.

There is no incorporated handle for simpler transporting, despite the frame’s full folding capability and added convenience. Due to the massive structure and heavy construction, this model continues to be unsatisfactory for commuters dependent on high mobility/portability. This Varla scooter features two 10-inch pneumatic tires that quickly tackle challenging terrain. The benefit of having air-filled tires is that they absorb shocks far better than solid tires. Varla’s smooth ride on rugged terrain demonstrates this. Users discovered that the Eagle One could readily handle the grass at speeds of up to 25 mph with these essential tires; Varla also offers aftermarket off-road tires. Every order includes four distinct deck mats with various designs, and the deck mat provides excellent grip.

The battery life, mileage, gear mode, and speed are all clearly and succinctly displayed on the LCD screen. The Apollo Ghost used the same component in this generic controller. The dual spring chassis is fantastic because it is built of aluminum alloy. The solid frame and 77-pound weight of the e-scooter give it a luxury feel., creating an astonishingly smooth ride and mobility.

Varla Eagle One
Photo source: varlascooter.com

Varla Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter

The Varla Pegasus is a dual-motor scooter with exciting features. In a swarm of black scooters, a new appearance with turquoise swingarms, silver embellishments, and wide tires makes it stand out.

It has a fantastic display that is big and simple to see. In fact, because of its size and enormous digits, it is one of the smoothest displays available. Varla has also taken rider criticism to heart and chosen a comfier, simpler thumb throttle. In addition, Varla chose small, airless, extensive tires with a flat profile. These are naturally resistant to flatness, which is a compelling factor for upkeep.

Varla Pegasus
Photo source: varlascooter.com


Dual disc brakes on the Pegasus are standard, but they must be adjusted for the Varla electric scooter to be ridable. 

In a braking test, the rider stopped the scooter abruptly from a speed of 24 km/h. The Pegasus’s braking distance of 2.8 m was exceptional. It is remarkable and helpful in avoiding obstacles and accidents to be able to stop in such a small amount of space.

The tires are the first thing you see when you climb aboard the Pegasus, and there are a few aspects to like about these sturdy 20.3 cm tires, even though they might not offer the smoothest ride.

They are immune to flats, which is a great bonus in the maintenance area, and they also have a little bit more grip than anticipated. However, the scooter is more robust at ambient speeds due to the wheels’ small diameter. The handlebars are extremely sensitive. Even a tiny movement will jerk the entire scooter.

The Varla Pegasus is not particularly portable in general. It weighs 30 kilograms and has folded measurements of 64 cm wide by 122 cm long by 51 cm tall, making it a somewhat large scooter for some riders to handle. The deck is more extended, the handlebars don’t fold, and getting the stem unlatched with one of the least favorite folding mechanisms is a little challenging. Due to the lack of a locking bolt on the adjuster inside the mechanism, which could come loose while riding, it is not a sturdy construction.

There isn’t a convenient location to grab the Pegasus from the back if you want to hoist it without folding it, even if the stem hooks to the deck for more straightforward transport when folded.

The Pegasus features a good display and is better than the Apollo Phantom display. Although QS-S4 or EY-3 throttle panels are still standard in high-performance scooters, many manufacturers are switching to larger, more durable dashboards. So it is possibly the most surprising feature that most people like about the Pegasus. Its rectangular LCD, which measures 8 cm by 4 cm, is far the greatest to read in bright light and total darkness.

The tires are sturdy, 20.3 cm, that have a few advantages. First and foremost, they offer a little more traction than anticipated and are resistant to flats – a significant benefit in the maintenance sector.

However, their tiny diameter makes the scooter less stable at higher speeds, and you can’t give it much handlebar input without fear of tipping over.

You’ll notice the sharp profile of the wheels and the contact area of the tires lose grip with the pavement as you lean into curves.

The dual spring suspension does a fantastic job of ensuring that the tires perform to their full potential. The twin springs and lengthy wheelbase give one of the best suspension systems we’ve seen, but the tires detract from its overall efficacy.

If the Pegasus had air-filled tires, even little ones, it might have been a great ride, but as is, it fluctuates between a C and a B+ letter rating depending on terrain.

For the talented rider, the Varla Pegasus is available at $1,099. It stands out from the competition because of its appearance and surprising performance considering the price, but it is insignificant in terms of build and riding quality. Nevertheless, it will perform well overall.

Varla Pegasus folded
Photo source: varlascooter.com

Varla Eagle One Pro All Terrains Electric Scooter

Varla’s Eagle One Pro is Varla’s first beast scooter, and it appears that this season will bring about many more flagship high-performance scooters. It is often compared to the new Apollo Pro and the GT Series from Segway.

Varla’s Eagle One Pro is a heavy scooter that weighs more than the local giant’s Apollo Phantom, Vsett 10+, and Kaabo Mantis Pro, which are under 36 kgs. Additionally, it has 28-centimeter road tires, typical for large-wheeled electric bikes.

Varla Eagle One Pro
Photo source: varlascooter.com


The Varla Eagle Pro accelerates faster than other heavy scooters do. It tested with an acceleration time of 2.1 seconds to reach 24 km/h. The performance is anticipated from seasoned heavyweight scooters like the Dualtron Thunder II at 2.2 seconds, Dualtron Thunder, and Wolf Warrior 11 at 1.9 seconds. The Visit 10+, which accelerates from 0 to 24 kilometers an hour in 1.9 seconds, is the only competitor for the Varla Eagle Pro.

Hill climbing is undoubtedly one of the fantastic abilities of the Varla Eagle Pro electric scooter. Without significantly losing power, this electric scooter can climb hills, and it doesn’t seem to slow down due to the rider’s added weight or the battery running low. The scooter can maintain a speed of about 28 km/h and above until about 10 percent charge through the 60-meter hill test with a 10% gradient.

When riding off-road, the tubeless pneumatic tire is excellent for comfort. Their tubeless design makes it easy to avoid pinch flats caused by rocks. However, you would be better off swapping to a self-sealing, tubeless chunky tire if you plan to use the scooter largely outside city tracks. These would instantly increase traction, maintain comfort, and need less maintenance. Additionally, objects on the way won’t scrape the underdeck because of the tires and 17-centimeter ground clearance.

The Eagle Pro also includes a steering damper. As a result, riders will experience good stability on straight, fast tracks. At top speed, the strength feels like a Dualtron Thunder or Nami Burn with a steerable damper attached rather than comparable to a dual stem beast like the Wolf King GT. Unfortunately, the handling damper also indicates that riders need to apply more force to the handlebars when navigating turns, which is a drawback.

When you press the power button, the built-in NFC reader in the display allows you to scan the NFC card. The collection is sizable and is sunlight readable. In addition, the characters are enormous, so you won’t have to strain your eyes as much as with smaller integrated screens.

The scooter’s high-beam headlight, audible warning bell, and excellent build quality contribute to its safety. The Eagle One Pro has an integrated NFC key-reader that must be used to start the scooter. Nobody will move your scooter if you don’t have it. Some smartphones can be set up to imitate NFC keys if you don’t feel like keeping the keys around.

The scooter has a low-mounted, 10 W, 900-lumen headlight that, as a moderate beam, is comparable in brightness to a car’s single headlight. The headlight will likely illuminate about half the road ahead at its low position. Just an idea, but perhaps Varla should elevate the work to improve visibility both night and during the day.

Varla Eagle One Pro blue
Photo source: varlascooter.com

Safety Measures

With technological advancements, such as small electric motors, sensors, and in-tube batteries, e-bikes can be simpler than riding a standard bicycle for some users. However, there are some essential factors you need to consider while riding on these fantastic bikes. 

You must always wear protective gear when riding, regardless of how brief your journey is or how quickly you are going. If you want to bike at higher speeds, you should wear a CPSC-approved helmet CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). With the addition of elbow and shin pads and perhaps a full racing suit, riders can ensure additional safety.

Additionally, you should take the scooter to a safe outdoor area, like a parking lot, and give it a spin so that you are sure you are familiar with how the throttle and brakes feel. Before each ride, perform a pre-flight check to ensure that your scooter is in working order.

While it’s crucial to balance the scooter with the aid of the handlebars, your feet and legs should always take the lead. You need to improve your balance if you discover that you’re pushing or pulling on the handlebars too much.

When you get to your destination, store your scooter safely so it will still be there when you get back. If you are a beginner, practice and acquire confidence before biking in mixed traffic.

Final Thoughts

For a daily commuter, nothing is more crucial than an electric scooter’s design dependability, speed, safety, and smoothness. There are several factors to consider before selecting the model, such as the required range, your weight, your budget, and the required power. The best electric scooters include powerful brakes to help you stop quickly, a long-range to keep you from getting lost, and integrated lights or reflectors to keep you safe at night.

The Eagle Pro is advantageous for heavier bike riders as it doesn’t lose power with a heavy load. Riders who weigh more than 170 pounds will experience the best strength and comfort. The Varla scooter is the best electric scooter option for riders who seek the flexibility to switch between various riding surfaces and is a lovely choice for experienced riders.

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