A Complete Guide to the Warrior 11 Electric Scooter

The durability and endurance of your Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter make it one of the best high speed electric scooters for off-road adventures and on-road thrill-seeking. With the capabilities of this electric scooter, the Golden State will not be the only place housing warriors!

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Your Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter is perfect for any off-road adventures. While it may not be as portable as other scooters, it makes up for it by being a sturdy companion on all terrains. This electric scooter review is a complete guide to the Warrior 11 electric scooter to help you begin your warrior’s journey. 

Whether you’re looking for some friends to go off-roading on a Saturday morning or you’re looking for a new scooter to bring you even more adrenaline, the Wolf Warrier 11 electric scooter is the high speed scooter for you! 

The Brand: Kaabo

Kaabo is one of your top-tier e scooter producing company, with over 40 different patents on models of e scooters in over 26 different countries. Shipping across the globe, Kaabo has become an industry-standard for high speed and high quality electric scooters. 

Since its inception at the beginning of the electric scooter revolution, Kaabo has produced many different evolutions of your electric scooter. Kaabo has constantly been improving its technology in scooters, coming up with newer and more efficient models of electric scooters. 

Your Kaabo electric scooter is guaranteed to be backed by strong innovation and even stronger technology. Kaabo produces some of the fastest electric scooters in the world, including the Kaabo Mantis and the Kaabo Wolf King. The Kaabo Wolf King GT can go from 0 to 30 miles per hour in under 4 seconds with a top speed of over 60 miles per hour, making it the fastest electric scooter.

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The Scooter: Warrior 11 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter guide provides you with all the information necessary to transition to your favorite high speed electric scooter. You will be happily surprised by some of the innovative technical capabilities this scooter has! From a dual motor system to a full suspension hydraulic brakes system, the Wolf Warrior 11 is a top-tier high speed scooter, meant for a smooth ride on any terrain. 

The Motor(s)

Your Wolf Warrior 11 is not your typical electric scooter, in many ways, but particularly in terms of the motor. Many of its counterparts in the world of electric scooters, like the EMOVE Cruiser, have only one motor. Unlike many of its counterparts in the electric scooter world, the Wolf Warrior 11 has two motors, one in the front and one in the rear.  

Each of the motors on your Wolf Warrior 11 is over the typical measurement of one motor on an electric scooter, 1,100 Watts. The motors on your Wolf Warrior 11 measure out to be 1200 Watts. These motors, combined with the 40A controllers, produce a peak output of 5400 Watts. Your Wolf Warrior 11 will be an extremely powerful electric scooter, one that will bring thrills to your off-road or on-road adventures.

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Each of the motors on your Wolf Warrior 11 is a brushless DC motor. To simplify this information, envision two magnets. Envision the push and pull of those magnets. That’s pretty much how a DC motor works. The motors on your Wolf Warrior 11 use this type of magnetic energy to turn electrical energy into mechanical energy. Magnets are attached to the rotor, the part that turns, and the rotor’s magnets are attracted or repelled by the magnetic field. This attraction or repulsion causes the rotor to rotate, creating the energy that allows you to zoom on your Wolf Warrior 11. 

Your dual-motor Wolf Warrior 11 also comes equipped with brushless motors. Brushless motors, also known as BLDC motors, have considerable advantages over their brushed counterparts and are often considered the smarter choice for motors for electric scooters. BLDC motors are more efficient than brushed motors as they can continuously run at maximum rotational force. 

Your Wolf Warrior 11’s dual BLDC motors allow greater and more precise controllability. This precision can reduce energy consumption and increase the life of your Warrior 11’s battery. Brushed motors can produce sparks and noise when the brushes make contact with the rotor, which can wear down the motor faster and produce more noise. The dual BLDC motors are even more durable than brushed motors and emit much less noise because of their brushless nature.

With the dual 1200W motors on your Wolf Warrior 11 are extremely powerful! While they may not be as powerful as the Wolf King GT, it is still impressive. The powerful motor of your Wolf Warrior 11 can reach a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour on smooth pavement. This mile-per-hour measurement will provide more than enough of a thrill-seeking experience, as it is almost highway speed in a car. Each state has different electric scooter laws and policies regarding how fast you can ride in public areas, so please be aware of these electric scooter laws in your area.

The Throttle

The throttle is extremely important when it comes to high-speed electric scooters. It allows you to minutely change the speed as you are riding to ensure you have a smooth ride at all times. It may take some practice finding the sweet spot with the throttle on this high-speed scooter, but once you do, there is no going back. 

Your Wolf Warrior 11 comes with a finger throttle, also known as a trigger throttle. This type of throttle is what comes standard on most scooters. While the finger or trigger throttle provides some benefits over the thumb throttle, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some of you may find the finger throttle more comfortable than the trump throttle and vice versa.

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There are some benefits to the finger or trigger throttle. Your standard finger throttle will be easy to access. It is particularly beneficial when navigating difficult terrain or areas where speed management is paramount. Your standard finger throttle will also provide access and control of performance settings like acceleration strength, regenerative braking strength, and cruise control. It is the throttle that is for racing-level competition.

The Brakes

Now that you’re up to date on the power of the motor and throttle on your Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter, it’s time to introduce the electronic brake system of your Warrior 11. Your Wolf Warrior 11’s braking system can make or “brake” your electric scooter’s smooth ride and luckily, the dual suspension and the hydraulic brakes of your e-scooter are known to make the ride as smooth as possible. 

Dual suspension, also known as full suspension, means that you have a front suspension fork and a rear shock suspension. This dual suspension can greatly improve your ride quality, making for a much smoother ride. The rear shock suspension is extremely beneficial when riding over bumpier terrain. The dual suspension can improve the course’s traction and damper the bumps.

Your braking system for the Warrior 11 uses disk brakes. Disk brakes used to be a mountain bike specialty, but your Warrior 11 comes equipped with a disk brake system. These brakes provide excellent stopping power and perform well in all weather conditions. Your disk brake system is also a hydraulic brake system. Your electric scooter is controlled through a closed system that relies on reservoirs filled with hydraulic liquid. The rear hydraulic disk brake can also resist wear and tear by keeping the tires grounded even on bumpy trails to avoid forceful impact.

Your braking system is also an ABS system. Your ABS system prevents your brakes from locking while braking. Speed sensors are used on the front and rear hydraulic disc brake and determine the wheel speed. Sensors are used additionally to see when your wheel will lock. Your electronic brake pressure is automatically adjusted to ensure that the wheel will not lock and that your scooter maintains its stability.

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Additional Features

In addition to your acceleration and braking systems, your Wolf Warrior 11 has many features that make it stand out from the growing crowd of electric scooters. 

Your Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter comes with two amazing options for tires. You can purchase your Wolf Warrior all set with road tires installed or opt for the variation with off-road tires installed. The variation with off-road tires installed is best for legitimate off-road conditions. If you plan on using your Wolf Warrior 11 for riding trails in the summer, the off-road version may be best for you. Most other uses of the scooter will find the road tires sufficient. 

Your Wolf Warrior 11 will also provide LED lights on your electric scooter. The LED lights provide additional visibility in less weather and at night. These lights will also ensure that you are seen in less than optimal conditions and when it is dark. The LED lights are found in your scooter’s front, rear, and sides so that you can be seen from all angles. 

In terms of range, your Wolf Warrior 11 is fairly average. There are other e-scooters with longer ranges, but many of those scooters often have much less power. The average range of this electric scooter is around 30 miles, but when it is on eco mode and even pavement you have the potential to get around 60 miles for range. Despite other scooters having higher ranges, the range of your Wolf Warrior 11 is no problem for zipping through town or a trail or two on the weekend! 

Your Wolf Warrior 11 will come with a 35Ah LG or Samsung battery. This battery is good for a wide variety of activities. LG and Samsung batteries are on the higher end of the battery spectrum, providing high-quality batteries for your electric scooters. You can maintai

n good battery life for your electric scooter by not storing your scooter fully charged or charging and not operating the scooter in below-freezing conditions or conditions above 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Your Wolf Warrior 11 is not the most portable scooter. The scooter weighs 105 lbs. It is on the heavier side for scooters, almost double the EMOVE Cruiser at 51 lbs. It is difficult to transport other than in a vehicle. If you are putting your Warrior 11 in your trunk and driving out to a lake where there are plenty of trails, it’s no problem to stick it in the back of your trunk as it folds down to a size of 60” x 26” x 19”. Unfolded it is about 10 inches shorter, measuring 50” x 26” x 49” when unfolded. 

This electric scooter has some limitations. Because of the sheer power of your Wolf Warrior 11 and the nature of scooters, there is a weight limit. Your Wolf Warrior 11 is not built to take on more than a rider weight of 330 lbs, including any objects carried. When you’re riding your Wolf Warrior 11 off-road or on-road, remember the 330 lbs limit for weight, as the scooter may malfunction if more weight is applied to it while riding. To ensure you are within the limit, always weigh anything you need to bring with you on the scooter. This scooter is not made for heavier riders.

Reasons to Buy

Hopefully, the core part of the electric scooter guide has provided you with all the information you need to transition to this high-speed electric scooter! Now it’s time for the opinion section of the guide. 

Here are our top 3 reasons why the Wolf Warrior 11 is the best electric scooter for you!

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Reason 1: Your Dual Motor Power

Out of all the benefits your Wolf Warrior 11 offers, the best benefit may be the dual-motor power. This dual motor power system ensures that both your front and rear wheels have the power you need for any terrain. With each wheel having 12000 Watts and the scooter itself having a peak power of 5400 Watts, your Wolf Warrior 11 is just the high-performance scooter you need. 

The power of your dual-motor system is managed through a finger throttle. This throttle can help you make the most out of your power with minute adjustments to the speed. Having a strong speed potential is important, but managing it may be even more important! Your finger throttle on the Wolf Warrior 11 is easy to adjust and manage.

The dual-motor power system is powered using brushless DC, and BLDC motors. It is one of the most efficient motors in the game, giving you the efficiency needed for even your craziest off-road adventures! Not only are they extremely durable, but they also allow you to control even the smallest detail with ease through your throttle due to their incredibly precise nature.

Reason 2: Your Best Braking System

Your Wolf Warrior 11 comes with the best braking system around! The braking system for your electric scooter is a dual suspension system, ensuring you always have a smooth ride. The rear shock suspension is especially important in making a smooth ride, even on extremely bumpy terrain. 

The braking system is also a hydraulic braking system. The hydraulic system has the benefits of being a closed system, that way, small particles like dirt can’t get into the system to gum it up. It makes them fairly low maintenance and great for beginners! Additionally, a hydraulic braking system flows hydraulic fluid through the system to push the brake pad into the rotor to stop the scooter once the brake lever is engaged. It is the most efficient system of braking, in our humble opinion.

Reason 3: Excellent For High-Speed Beginners

Your Wolf Warrior 11 is an excellent scooter for high-speed beginners. It may take a few tries to get used to the scooter’s power, but it is a fairly straightforward scooter. If you’ve never tried high-speed electric scooters, jumping into the game on a Wolf Warrior 11 is not a bad place to begin.

Your Wolf Warrior 11 has many safety features to ensure a safe ride, especially for beginners. The brakes are very easy to use, and with the ABS system, you can be confident that your brakes won’t lock during your ride. The throttle is easy to access but located where it won’t easily go off unless activated by you. The scooter is equipped with LED lights on all sides to ensure you are visible even at night.

Final Remarks

Your Wolf Warrior 11 is a high-quality ride for those looking for a high-speed adrenaline rush! It can be a great ride for beginners with all of its built-in safety features and is just as good for experienced riders looking for a quality off-road scooter! Your Wolf Warrior 11 will be one of the best scooters you can find on the market right now in terms of sheer power. Once you can harness the power of the Wolf Warrior 11 scooter, you will be good to go for off-road and on-road high-speed adventures. 

Enjoy your Wolf Warrior 11!

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