A Complete Guide to the Segway Dirt eBike X260

“That’s an electric dirt bike?!” is the question that first came to people’s minds when the Segway Dirt eBike x260 was first introduced at the 2019 SEMA Show as an electric mountain bike. It may not look like it, but it’s true: this sleek variation comes with the same powerful electric torque and mudslinging capabilities.

The newest product is a collaboration between Sur Ron and Segway. Now with the Segway Dirt eBike x260, the Segway brand is no longer attached to Paul Blart, our all-time favorite mall cop. Instead, the Segway brand has a new attitude and sleek and sexy look! 

Say goodbye to filling up at a gas station and hello to the ease of the battery pack life for your long-range outdoor adventure. In other words, there is no need to make that extra stop at a gas station or carry excess gas. Before snapping on your helmet, let’s ensure you have the best electric dirt bike for your body, style, and outdoor adventure needs.

Segway Dirt eBike X260
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Choosing Your eBike

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you already have an electric dirt bike or you’re considering buying one. However, if you haven’t made the purchase yet, consider the following benefits of an electric dirt bike.

An electric dirt bike is easier to maintain and can save you money. For example, increasing gas prices and maintenance costs can be extensive for gas powered dirt bikes. Maintenance for an ebike does not require engine maintenance, tune-ups, air filter changes, oil changes, or leak checks. Also, since an ebike powers off of a battery rather than an engine, it offers a more extended range without topping out before it needs a new power supply. So if you plan on a long-distance outdoor adventure, invest in an extra battery pack or three. 

Let’s review: The electric dirt bike is much quieter, cheaper, and more convenient to maintain than a fuel-powered dirt bike. Keep reading to find out what separates the Segway Dirt eBike from the others.

The Best Range for Your Dirt eBike

The electric dirt bike has a range of distance that it can cover before swappable batteries become a thing. However, just like a gas dirt bike has so much road and terrain it can travel before it needs a fill-up at the gas station, an ebike will eventually need a battery change or a charge. When deciding on the environment and range specific to your needs, you may want to base your decision on how you drive your bike. For example, if you intend to travel off-road trails with steep hills for most of the day, you will need a substantial battery pack to serve your purpose. However, if you want an ebike to enable short rides through all the back roads closer to home, you’ll find that a low-power battery pack will get you around easily. Additionally, seven factors go into calculating the range of an ebike on one battery pack. For example, pedal assist or pedal speed is typically a factor, but the Segway x160 and x260 are electric dirt bikes that do not have the pedal speed to factor into the equation. In addition, factors such as speed, the weight of the rider, the aerodynamic drag of the ebike by the rider, the bike itself, and terrain quality affect the range. Once you learn the little nuances of your ebike, you’ll be in a much better position to make educated decisions and make a well-informed purchase.

The Power of Your eBike

Although the range and the power you’ll need go hand in hand, they’re not entirely the same. An electric dirt bike comes in two different power ranges, a high-power motor-battery combo and a low-power motor-battery combo. The high-power motor battery is for the experienced rider who already has a handle on the ebike. The latter is the best choice for the inexperienced rider beginning their ebike adventuring. Once you’ve got a hold of the low-powered ebike, you can level up to a higher-power motor.

When searching for longer battery life, you want to figure out the watt-hours from above. In an ebike, the capacity of a battery measured in watt-hours is a by-product of the volts multiplied by amp-hours. With that said, the 1920 watt-hours of the Segway x160 is simply 192 volts times ten amp-hours. This is a lot of capacity compared to the competition, which boasts 1500 watt-hours of battery power. A 1920 watt-hours battery power makes the competition look like a plaything for kids. Indeed, you want to get the best for the money you’re shelling out. The Segway x160 has way more playtime, and the Segway Dirt eBike x260 is the same battery power plus a 5 KW max output.

Segway Dirt eBike X260 on beach
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The Best Weight of Your eBike

The rule of thumb on the recommended weight for your new electric dirt bike is if you weigh above 174 pounds, opt for a more heavyweight dirt ebike. On the other hand, if you weigh less than 174 pounds, you should opt for a lightweight ebike. However, the electric dirt bike field advancements now permit loopholes in the rule. A loophole that now makes a dirt ebike suitable for potentially everyone lies in a durable yet lightweight construction with an advanced suspension system. A newer ebike is more apt to cater to heavy riders who want a lightweight ebike that’ll ride well and last longer.

Ultimately, it’s always the best idea to check the weight of the ebike and take it for a test drive before you buy it. When you discover your dream ebike, familiarize yourself with the type of drive system. You want to buy a well-built ebike with a dual drive that optimizes battery power as you drive it and has a well-thought-out chain system that keeps the system intact for no replacements or repairs. If you opt for a bike with no chain, you must ensure that your choice of an ebike is well-researched.

The Price Matters

Price is another crucial factor to consider before purchasing an electric dirt bike. The first thing to consider when searching for an ebike is that retailer sites have an option for Affirm or Klarna, where you can pay the full price over a set time to pay the ebike off while still hitting the trails. Additionally, check out the battery pack options that go along with the brand of ebike you are considering. Some battery packs are included in the package, but it’s always wise to have a backup battery pack or two for the road. Researching the payment options and necessary accessories will help you find the best value.

The Segway Dirt eBike: The Sustainable Choice

Now that you have all the pertinent information to make the most informed decision about the perfect electric dirt bike for you, you need to see why the Segway Dirt eBike x260 is an excellent alternative to gas dirt bikes. Sustainability is the way from here on out now that we’ve seen enough tangible proof of the damage we’ve collectively caused our world with the release of gas and diesel, among other toxic gases. The dirt ebike is among the sustainable new rides, along with the electric motorcycle, the electric pick-ups, and cars that are changing the face of transportation for good. The fact that this dirt bike is electric has got to rest easy on your conscious. The Segway brand has been outrageously and unapologetically innovating the electric scooter on top of the generic electric vehicle. Sure, we don’t mean that Segway makes cars, but rather the most inspiring vehicles like electric scooters, mopeds, self-balancing Segways, electric bikes, and now, the Segway x160 and the Segway Dirt eBike x260 with a performance to be beaten. Read on to see why the gas dirt bike will soon be a thing of the past.

Segway Dirt eBike X260 grey
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The Segway Dirt eBike x160 

If you aren’t convinced about the Segway x160 or the Segway Dirt eBike x260, let’s delve into some quick facts about each. The Segway x160 reaches a top speed of 47 mph in 4.02 seconds with the 23.6 ft-lb high torque motor’s performance and capabilities. Although not all the dirt ebike ‘toys’ have more than 50 foot-pounds of torque, the Segway x160 electric motorcycle possesses a jackpot of torque at 162.2 ft-lbs at its max. That’s more than double the norm! The highly capable motor can get you to the trails and off an extensive off-road, outdoor adventure with the unbeatable range of 40.4 miles before you need to use your Panasonic 1920Wh swappable batteries for the first time. Plus, the battery’s shortest possible charging time to revitalize its power is only 3 hours. With off-road tires that measure 70/100-17, a killer suspension in the front and back, and a dual drive system make complicated tricks achievable for the more experienced rider or ‘trickster.’ Plus, you can practice the tricks of the trade all through the night with the 2.5W lights and never miss a beat. With dual mechanical and electric braking systems, you can stop on a dime for close calls, especially for the beginner rider. The lightweight dirt ebike weighs just a measly 105-ish pounds with a robust suspension system and durable construction. The Segway brand electric motorcycle has thought of everything like the IP 65+ waterproofing for the all-in challenging terrain after a good downpour. This ebike will carry anybody up to 176.4 pounds. Although the ebike is lightweight, it still is a bit bulkier than you’d want to carry, but why port it around when you can ride it?

The Segway Dirt eBike x160 
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The Segway Dirt eBike x260

The big brother of the Segway x160 motorcycle is the Segway Dirt eBike x260. The little brother’s price tag is a very gracious $4,999. However, the Segway Dirt eBike x260 is only $1500 more for the extra kick you get from it. The Segway Dirt eBike x260 has a 220.5-pound payload, 184.3 foot-pound torque at the max output, and the self-balancing act that the Segway brand is known best for.

What makes the Segway Dirt eBike x260  worth more than the Segway Dirt eBike x160? This baby is for the thrill-seeker, the mudslinging maniac, and the mudslinger rider who’s got some experience riding a traditional dirt bike or an electric bike. The award-winning performance of this ebike is topped by none. The lightweight ebike is only 97 pounds sans the battery, but with the battery, it’s 121.4 pounds of pure aluminum alloy. The battery has a 4-hour charge time, but with a swappable battery, you can enjoy the peak performance of this ebike into the wee hours of the night or break into the daytime with nonstop outdoor adventures. The high torque of the 5 KW motor allows for fast acceleration from 0 to 46.6 mph in 4 seconds. You will cover so much terrain and explore new trails with the Segway Dirt eBike x260 with the incredible 74.6-mile range with one battery. The battery has a 3-way management system that lays on the power for you while maintaining optimization as you gain more mileage. A waterproof IP 65+ ebike with powerful shock absorption and 45-degree climbing power gives you unlimited play no matter the weather conditions or the depth of your outdoor adventures. And it doesn’t matter at all if you’re an experienced rider or a novice rider with the three additional settings the dirt ebike has employed with this particular model. With the click of the gears, a gear-shifting option at the top of the handlebars will put you in control of your ebike. The Segway Dirt eBike x260 has a gear for a novice rider, an intermediate rider, and, of course, what we all aspire to be: the experienced rider.

Segway Dirt eBike X260 red
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Segway Dirt eBike Specs

The two electric dirt bike types, the Segway x160 and Segway x260 have the same dual drive system aside from their differences. The primary drive system comprises an HTD 8m belt 22 inches and the secondary drive system. The secondary drive system is made of a 420 chain with 106 sections on top of the primary drive system’s belt! The two drive systems together form a phenomenal dual drive system. This setup can heighten the performance of the ebike and the performance of the high torque motor in the wheels. The dual drive system also keeps the chain from being displaced. The Segway x260 and x160 comes with an app, the Segway-Ninebot app. The app is for every electric vehicle the Segway brand creates. If you don’t follow specific instructions within the app, the Segway x160 and Segway x260 electric dirt bikes won’t accelerate above 9.3 miles an hour.

Once you register the dirt ebike, you unlock a whole world of off-road adventuring and the ability to follow the riding stats of each ride in sports mode. In both electric dirt bike models, the Segway x160 and the Segway x260, you also have responsive communication built into the app for emergencies or if you get lost somewhere far away from a crossroad or civilization.

Segway Dirt eBike X260 mountain
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The Award-Winning Electric Motorcycle by Segway

The Segway brand is undoubtedly one of the best electric transport brands! There are a good few awards and recognitions that agree with that notion. For one, Segway won the Red Dot Award 2018 upon entry before they introduced the dirt ebike models in 2019 at the SEMA trade show. The ISPO award was also earned by the Segway brand of their ebike models. Furthermore, certification was awarded to the Segway-Ninebot ebikes. The first UL2849 certification ever has been awarded to the Segway brand, naming Segway a global leader in shared micro-mobility for its Urban A200 electric bike. With the UL2849 and the world’s new ABE certificate to certify the official introduction of Segway-Ninebot into Germany, Segway can now share sustainable micro-mobility across the globe! The Segway brand is committed to sustainable and more efficient e-mobility for everyone, for a healthier world, for longer.

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