A Complete Guide to the GoTrax EBE2 Bike

If you’re looking for an electric bike that’s great for commuting, the GoTrax EBE2 is a perfect option. With a range of up to 25 miles and speeds of up to 15 mph, this e-bike can easily handle most commutes. Plus, it’s durable and easy to operate, making it an excellent choice for anyone new to electric biking. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the GoTrax EBE2 and how it can help you get around town quickly and easily. So read on to learn more about this fantastic e-bike!

History of GoTrax

GoTrax is a relatively new company founded in 2017. As an American-owned business based in Dallas, Texas, the business owners of GoTrax had a dream to create a low carbon footprint, environmental-friendly electric vehicles as alternative means of commuting. This dream led to their partnership with Tao Motors, a Chinese motorsports and recreational vehicle manufacturer and global distributor.

At the beginning of their company adventure, GoTrax focused on making affordable electric scooters. With overwhelming consumer interest in electric commute options, GoTrax expanded its products to the hoverboard, electric skateboardelectric scooter, and electric bicycle. And with their products entering the American mainstream retailers and marketplaces such as TargetWalmart, Academy Sports, and Amazon, GoTrax has become the go-to choice for the Americans looking for their first electric bikes. 

Endura ebike black
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What Sets GoTrax Apart?

A few things set GoTrax apart from other electric bike companies. First and foremost, GoTrax is committed to making electric biking and transportation accessible to the American public no matter what age and gender they are. At the same time, they want to get the Americans outside their home and enjoy some outdoor sports together. That’s why they offer a wide range of products, from sparkly pink electric scooters and hoverboards for kids to heavy-duty, reliable electric scooters and electric bikes for daily commute purposes.

What Makes GoTrax E-Bike Special?

Electric bicycles can be costly. The high-end ones can go up to $4,000 or more in the current market. So what makes the GoTrax E-Bike so unique? GoTrax is all about making environmental-friendly transportation available to the general public. That is why they focus on making their e-bikes affordable and easy to use. No matter your biking experience and budget limit, GoTrax has an electric bike for every consumer niche. From entry-level e-bikes like the EBE2 to more advanced models like the GXL V1000, there is a GoTrax E-Bike that can fit every need. 

GoTrax vs. Segway

When you mention GoTrax, the name Segway always comes up in the conversation. After all, they are the two most well-known companies in the electric commuter industry. Segway is the more established company with a long history in the game. But that does not mean that GoTrax is any less qualified. Many people prefer GoTrax over Segway because of its affordable price point and easy-to-use products. 

Segway might be the more popular company, but their emphasis is on electric kick scooters, mopeds, and recreational vehicles, such as bumper cars and dirt bikes. This difference is where GoTrax fills the gap in the electric bicycle niche. With their e-bikes mentioned in the most well-known media platforms, such as Rolling StoneWired, and Men’s Journal, GoTrax is quickly gaining popularity as the preferred choice for those looking for an easy, accessible, and affordable electric bicycle.person riding a segway

GoTrax vs. Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes is another direct competitor of GoTrax. Both companies are based in the United States and offer similar products in the same price range. However, there are a few key differences that set them apart. First, Rad Power Bikes offers a broader range of electric bikes. They have both pedal assist and throttle-only models. In contrast, GoTrax only offers pedal-assist e-bikes. 

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What Makes GoTrax a Unique Brand From Rad Power Bikes

Both GoTrax and Rad Power Bikes offer a wide range of products at an affordable price. However, what makes GoTrax unique is its commitment to making electric biking accessible to everyone. While Rad Power Bikes set their base price at $1,599, GoTrax offers entry-level bikes at just $499. The attractive price makes GoTrax the more affordable choice for those looking to get their first electric bike.

Both companies offer great products that are worth your money. However, if you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use electric bike, then GoTrax is the better choice.

Red alpha ebike
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Introduction to GoTrax Electric Bicycle Lineup

GoTrax has a lineup of seven electric bikes ranging from entry-level EBE1, $599, to the top-of-the-line Traveler set at $1,199. So why is the price so different between the beginner model from the top model? Let’s take a quick look at the spec differences among these seven Class-2 electric bike models: EBE1, EBE2, EBE4, Emerge, Endura, Alpha, and the Traveler. 

E-Bike Comparison Chart



Type of Bike

Weight Limit

Miles Per Charge

Motor Size



Mountain Bike

250 lbs

27.9 Miles Per Charge




Hybrid Bike

265 lbs

50 Miles Per Charge




Folding Bike

265 lbs

50 Miles Per Charge




Fat Tire Bike

300 lbs

26 Miles Per Charge




All-Purpose Bike

350 lbs

28 Miles Per Charge




Commuter Bike

400 lbs

26 Miles Per Charge




Commuter Bike

400 lbs

31 Miles Per Charge


As you can see from the chart, the e-bike prices are based on the range capacity, motor power, intended purpose, and unique features. For the base model EBE1, the battery capacity only allows a maximum of 27.9 miles range, whereas the top model Traveler can go up to 31 miles in breadth. 

However, you should also know that special features on each model may also decide why their prices are higher than the other models. For example, although EBE2 and EBE4 have very similar specs, the EBE4 costs $100 more because of its folding capability. Additional features such as a bigger battery capacity, better quality tires and rims, and extra accessories also contribute to the final price of the e-bike.

What Makes GoTrax EBE2 the Best Deal From the Lineup

As you have seen in the earlier chart, the GoTrax EBE2 is a step up from the GoTrax basic EBE1 model. So why does the GoTrax EBE2 offers the best value for your money? Here are some of the reasons:

The EBE2 is a mid-range hybrid electric bike from GoTrax. It’s perfect for riders looking for more power and range than entry-level bikes but doesn’t need the heavy-duty performance of something like the Alpha and Traveler models. And what truly makes it the best value is that it has the highest miles per charge capability among all models. Let’s look at the specs to understand how this simple GoTrax electric bike can reach up to 50 miles in range.

EBE2 Electric Bike
Photo source: GoTrax.com


GoTrax EBE2 Specifications

The EBE2 E-bike from GoTrax is an excellent choice for those looking for more power and range than entry-level e-bikes. It has a 350-Watt motor and can reach speeds up to 20 MPH. The EBE2 also comes with a 36-V, 12.50 Ah lithium-ion battery, giving it an impressive 50-mile range per charge. And with a weight limit of 265 pounds, it can accommodate riders of all sizes. The EBE2 also has dual disc brakes on both wheels for quick and safe stops.


With 26″ diameter tires, the GoTrax EBE2 is more significant than other EBE models but smaller than the Emerge, Endura, and Alpha. It’s perfect for those who are looking for something in between. The EBE2 models have a unique design that makes them look modern and sleek, yet the battery cell is easily accessible for both off-bike and on-bike charging. Overall, the geometry of the GoTrax EBE2 is comfortable for both city and light off-road riding.

The best part about the EBE2 models is that the electronic components are simple and easy to use. The EBE models have pedal-assist throttle functions that you can switch on and off with the thumb throttle lever. Even though the EBE2 has a rather primary monochrome LCD, it’s still easy to read and understand all the relevant information at a glance. Simply put, the EBE2 models from GoTrax are some of the most user-friendly e-bikes on the market today. 

In addition, the EBE2 also comes with a full suite of accessories, including a pair of super bright LED front and rear lights, a kickstand, and a bell. Overall, the GoTrax EBE2 is a little workhorse of an e-bike that’s perfect for those looking for a reliable and affordable hybrid electric bike that goes the extra distance.


The EBE2 from GoTrax is not without its flaws. One of the biggest complaints about the EBE models is that they lack mudguards/fenders. This missing feature is a minor issue since you can always buy aftermarket mudguards/fenders and install them yourself. 

The EBE2 front suspension is not enough for non-pavement roads. This flaw can be problematic for those looking to do light off-roading adventures. 

The answer is no for anyone who wonders whether the EBE2 can be modified. It is written in the user manual that altering the electric bike is not advised and will void the warranty.

Also, the electric bike is not completely waterproof and has an IPX4 rating, meaning it can withstand decent protection against water. So although it can still function during light rain conditions, heavy rain conditions can ruin the electronic circuits within the bicycle and cause corrosion to the battery bank.

And lastly, some consumers have mentioned the 180-day warranty policy. Unlike most electric bike brands that offer at least a one-year warranty guarantee, GoTrax falls short on its customer service department. So if you’re looking for an E-bike with more extended warranty coverage, you might want to check out other brands. 

How Does the EBE2 Differ From the EBE1 Model

Although both EBE models have a 350-W motor, the EBE1 model only has a 36-V 7.5Ah battery, while the EBE2 model has a 36-V 12.5Ah battery. This difference allows the EBE2 to travel up to 50 miles capacity, whereas EBE1 stops short at 27.9 miles capacity.

The other noticeable difference between the two models is that EBE1 is a lightweight foldable electric bike that looks slightly like a child’s toy. In contrast, the EBE2 is a full-size non-foldable e-bike with a more attractive everyday commuter bicycle appearance.

EB1 Mountain Bike
Photo source: GoTrax.com


How Does the EBE2 Compare to Other Electric Bikes?

A few other electric bikes on the market offer similar features to the EBE2. However, there are a few things that set the EBE2 apart from its competitors. First, the EBE02 has a more powerful motor and battery capacity than most competitors, making it an excellent choice for commuters. In addition, the EBE2 comes with front and rear suspension, a rare feature in electric bikes in that price range level.

Do You Need a Driver License To Ride a GoTrax EBE2 Electric Bike?

You do not need a driver’s license to ride the GoTrax EBE2 electric bicycle. However, we recommend that all riders wear helmets and follow all local traffic laws.

What Is the Carbon Footprint of GoTrax EBE2 Bicycle?

The EBE2 has a carbon footprint of 48 grams per kilometer, which is significantly lower than the average for electric bikes, which is around 500 grams per kilometer. The EBE2’s low carbon footprint is due to the 36-V battery and a 500W motor. These components allow the EBE2 to be much more efficient than other electric bikes. green plug made bicycle

How Many Charging Cycles Does the EBE2 Battery Last?

The EBE2’s battery lasts up to 25 miles on a single charge, which should be more than enough for most commuters. The EBE2’s battery has up to 1000 charging cycles, making the EBE2 a very durable electric bike.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a GoTrax EBE2 Electric Bicycle

Your Intended Purpose

You’ll first want to consider your plans for the electric bicycle. If you’re looking for an electric bike to help you commute to work, the EBE2 is an excellent option. However, the other GoTrax models may offer a better option if you’re looking for a recreational use e-bike.

Your Budget

Another essential factor to consider is your budget. The EBE2 is a premium electric bike, and it’s priced accordingly. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you may want to look for an even simpler bike with less battery or motor capacity.

Your Riding Style

Another factor to consider is your riding style. If you’re looking for an electric bike that can handle rough roads, the EBE2 is not for you. But it is an excellent daily city commuter bike option. 

Your Height

Finally, you’ll want to consider your height and weight when choosing an electric bike. The EBE2 is excellent for riders between five and six feet tall. 

Your Weight

The EBE2 has a weight limit of 250 pounds. If you’re heavier than that, there are other electric bikes on the market that suits your needs.

EBE4 Electric bike
Photo source: GoTrax.com


Does the New GoTrax EBE2 Bike Require Assembly

Although the EBE2 bike does require a fair amount of assembly for the handlebar, seat tube, saddle, mounting pedal, and wheels, the package should come with all necessary tools for the job, and the user manual shows clear photo instructions on how to assemble each part.

Before you start cranking the screws, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Read the Instruction Manual Before Assembly

This crucial step will help you avoid any potential problems during assembly. There are numerous YouTube tutorials available if you have questions about the process.

Use the Included Tools To Help You With Assembly

The EBE02 comes with all the necessary tools for assembly. The tools should include a hex key set and screwdrivers of the correct sizes to complete the task.

Fully Charge Your Battery Before Use

Charge the removable battery to the maximum before putting it on the bike. It will help ensure that you have enough power to complete your journey.

Test Ride Before Long-Distance Use

Once you’ve assembled your EBE2, take it for a test ride to ensure everything is working correctly. We recommend riding on a flat, smooth surface to get a feel for how the EBE02 rides. And always remember to wear protective gear at all times.

What To Do if You’re Not Tech-Savvy

No worries if you are not tech-savvy. The assembly is similar to the Ikea furniture assembly and is relatively straightforward. But if you need help with the assembly process, you can always arrange for the package to be delivered to your local bicycle repair shop. They will do the assembly for you for an extra fee. Another great option is to purchase the EBE2 from an authorized GoTrax retailer that offers free group or paid-assembly services.

Ocean teal emerge ebike
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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great commuting option, the GoTrax EBE2 is worth considering. It’s easy to operate, durable, and has a range of up to 50 miles, which is more than enough for most commutes. Plus, it comes at a very reasonable price point, making it an affordable choice for anyone looking to switch to electric biking. 

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