A Complete Guide to Pedego Bikes


The most popular subcategories of electric-powered vehicles include electric cars and scooters, electric bicycles, or “e-bikes.” In addition to serving as a well-liked substitute for a regular bike, they also point to potential future uses for electric cars and other environmentally friendly transportation systems.

It might feel like gaining a superpower the first time you ride an electric bike, sometimes known as an e-bike because the pedal-assist e-bikes expand your two-wheel options: you can keep up with stop-and-go traffic, more easily transport children or cargo, arrive at your destination less perspiration-soaked, or enjoy the little extra oomph on rides that would have otherwise seemed too long or hilly.

At first glance, e-bikes may have the same categories as a regular bicycle: mountain and road, as well as specialized categories including the urban, hybrid, cruiser, cargo, and folding bike.

With this Pedego electric bike guide, you can learn all there is to know about the best electric bike brand, Pedego bikes, including specifications, pros n cons, history of the brand, etc.

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What Are Pedego Bikes?

One of the US’s most well-known electric bicycle companies is Pedego Electric Bikes, which has assisted tens of thousands of individuals in getting off the couch, onto an e-bike, and into the open road or bike path.

The company’s catchphrase, “hello, fun,” encapsulates what you receive when purchasing one of their bikes. They are enjoyable to ride, easy to operate, well-made, and attractive. Read this comprehensive evaluation before purchasing one of Pedego’s stylish e-bikes. This article thoroughly analyzes the Pedego bike brand, product line, and distinguishing features.

Like many other well-known firms, Pedego Electric Bikes had its start as an answer to a significant issue. The e-bike industry wasn’t always as crowded with manufacturers, varieties, models, and technology as it is now. The biggest problems were the uniform, boring design, the quality of bikes, and the inexistence of customer service. Unfortunately, many individuals still see them as such. Don Dicostanzo, determined to alter that, enters the scene and establishes Pedego in 2008.

Pedego was established in 2008 in Southern California by two friends, Terry Sherry and Don DiCostanzo. It was founded out of passionate love for e-bikes and a persistent desire to improve them, much like most prosperous e-bike businesses. At its core is a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service, for which the brand has received and continues to get recognition.

For the two friends who shared, as mentioned earlier, the e-bike enthusiasm, its establishment looked inevitable. One’s a unique perspective and technical proficiency complement one another quite well. Together, they founded Pedego to enhance the market’s then-poorly-quality products. So it’s reasonable to argue that the business merits equal praise for the impressive expansion of the e-bike sector in recent years. Today, Pedego offers 20+ kinds of cutting-edge, powerful electric bikes and operates more than 120 locally-owned outlets.

Pros and Cons of Pedego Bikes

Let’s view a little bit more about the brand and what’s good and bad about it before getting into the Pedego product selection.


There are a few advantages to the Pedego, as you might anticipate for a bike at this price. The first point is that the materials and internal components are of the greatest quality. Because of these high-quality parts, you won’t have to spend a fortune on replacements.

The battery and engine are quite strong for an electric bike and can travel up to 60 miles between charges. It may take 3 – 6 hours, which is a lengthy period if a bike travels 10 – 20 miles per hour on average.

The e-bikes have choices and extras, including hydraulic disc brakes, wide tires, throttles, and speed settings. In addition, the frame is situated in an easy-to-ride low step that emphasizes geometry, even though users may decorate the bike.

Lastly, Pedego offers some of the greatest customer services and is always willing to help. The customer service also applies to the dealer network, which collaborates closely with Pedego HQ to guarantee a positive customer experience. Every bike also has a 5-year guarantee, so you shouldn’t experience any problems after buying.

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Unfortunately, Pedego bikes have a few drawbacks. Cost is the first. Pedego bicycles cost more than most ordinary bicycle brands and even the majority of electric bicycle companies. Although they are not the most costly, they are nevertheless more expensive than others.

The bikes weigh a tonne as well. They weigh between 50 and 60 lbs, which is significantly more than the mountain bike, which is around 30 lbs. As a result, moving this hefty bike alone might become tiresome after your battery runs out. The last issue with the Pedego electric bike is that some features may not be built-in right away due to its flexibility and capacity to adjust practically anything. It leaves you with the unpleasant duty of completing it, especially when it involves the battery.

Following are the best electric bikes offered by Pedego that you should consider buying.

Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike

The Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike features a step-thru design that makes it simple to mount and dismount, providing one of the most comfortable riding experiences.


The Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike is unmatched thanks to the hard yet pliable seat attached to its 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame, a trait common with the Pedego Interceptor. The Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Bike isn’t surpassing any speed limitations, though, so far as the speed is concerned. The hub motor can propel the bike up to 20 because of the 36V battery motor combination’s strong output.

The best thing about the Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Beach Bike is its range. The lithium-ion battery can go 45 kilometers on a single charge. It also boasts quick-charge capabilities, which are uncommon for electric motorcycles. That corresponds to a battery life of around two hours. The safety features on the Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Beach Bike are simple. Although the Pedego Comfort Cruiser Electric Beach Bike is packed to the gills with features, various minor elements make the price tag worthwhile. The kevlar-belted balloon tires offer a smoother ride and avoid flats. For large pannier bags, there is a rear rack at the back.

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Interceptor Electric Bike: Platinum Edition

The Interceptor Electric Bike: Platinum Edition combines beach cruiser design and comfort with amazing performance and convenient features.


The Pedego Interceptor is a traditional beach cruiser with a comfort-first design. A 48-volt battery and MAG wheels are just two of the many technological features that make up this electric bicycle. The Interceptor comes in five frame colors, four-tire variations, three frame sizes, and two battery kinds. The Interceptor is available in three different frame sizes, making it suitable for everyone. 24″ step-thru, 26″ step-thru, and 26″ Classic are the three sizes available.

The 500W motor offers the power to accelerate swiftly and climb any hill while feeling smooth and in control. The Interceptor’s smooth, simple pedal-assist lets you fully concentrate on the ride, which is crucial while riding a cruiser bike at 20 mph. The Interceptor has high-end balloon tires, and the wider width makes for a smoother ride. When your phone’s battery is low, the USB charging connector on the LCD might be very useful. Going home after a late night at work is made more comfortable and safe by the plenty of bright lights.

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Boomerang Electric Bike: Platinum Edition

The Boomerang Electric Bike: Platinum Edition is an exciting bike to ride. It has a strong, torquey motor, is designed for simple mounting, and looks fantastic.


The Boomerang Platinum Edition electric bicycle may be the lowest low-step mass-market model ever made! The aluminum-framed design is unique, with just one down tube and no top tube. It almost hugs the front tire as it arcs downward but dives well below the bottom bracket. After that, a tubular gusset is welded to the bottom tube, allowing it to remain relatively flex-free while allowing the rider to barely raise a leg to cross it. The battery is mounted inside a highly robust rack that is soldered to the seats in the back.

With a maximum riding range of only 60 miles (100 km) and a 500W motor, practically any e-bike rider would be happy to have one of them. To keep you comfortable and safe, combine the Satori suspension seat post with the Premium Schwalbe puncture-resistant balloon tires with fluorescent sidewall stripes. Large four-finger levers and strong 180mm hydraulic disc brakes make stopping simple. Both brake levers have motor inhibitors built into them for further control. In addition, it boasts full-length fenders, back and front LED lights, a chain guard, and a rear rack, all desirable features for a cruiser.

City Commuter Electric Bike: Lite Edition

The City Commuter Electric Bike: Lite Edition is a straightforward, inexpensive electric bike that can go through congested cities at least as swiftly as a car


The price, not the weight, gives the City Commuter Lite Edition its name. The Lite still features a 500-watt motor despite being the most basic City Commuter model offered by Pedego. This place lacks pedal assistance. Turn and move. The bike quickly reaches cruising speed on level ground. The City Commuter Lite Edition leaves out most of the fancy features to provide inexpensive, dependable transportation.

A rear rack is incorporated into the frame as well. It is a useful standard feature rarely included as standard equipment on rival e-bikes. Certain pannier bags won’t fit because of the rack’s thick tubing, but only if you already have a pair. The City Commuter Lite from Pedego is more of an electric moped than an electric bike, so that fact should be enough to pique your curiosity. Are you looking for an e-bike that works well for long trips or exercise? Avoid it. Want an e-bike that will allow you to zoom around town without getting hot and tired? In this case, you need the Pedego City Commuter Lite.

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Trail Tracker Electric Bike: 24″ Edition

The Trail Tracker Electric Bike: 24″ Edition is a medium-sized fat tire electric bicycle that is much easier for tiny and middle-sized riders to mount, stand over, and manage.


It only takes two steps to operate the Trail Tracker 24″ Electric Bike, and the display this time has a few entertaining bonuses and tricks. After mounting and charging the battery, click the power button on the LCD panel by first pressing the silver circle button near the top of the pack. Your basic speed, aid level, and battery capacity are displayed on the screen when it comes to life. In addition, the new cadence sensor is small and less prone to be jarred or disturbed by mud and water buildup.

A strong, premium hub motor from Dapu with a power rating of more than 500 watts makes up the driving system. It’s great because it’s so powerful but still little and quiet. It delivers a maximum torque rating of 35 Newton meters and peaks at around 850 watts, which is a lot for a hub. The advantage of using mid-drive motors instead of or in addition to hub motors is that you may better utilize motor power. However, they tend to wear down the chain and gears more quickly. Whatever gear you pedal in makes no difference because the Dapu hub motor from Pedego offers both drive modes and a smooth, constant output.

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Stretch: Electric Cargo Bike

The Stretch: Electric Cargo Bike is among the top electric cargo bikes and comes in four exquisite colors with a beautiful design.


Few other electric bikes can compare to the quality of the olive green Pedego Stretch, which stands out from the front rack to the seat post to the rear rack. The Stretch includes the necessary connections for Pedego’s Additional Passenger Package, a padded seat, and a backrest that transforms the rear rack into a safe seat and is sold separately. In addition, thanks to the modular rear attachments, a passenger seat and a storage trunk can be easily added, even if neither is provided with the initial purchase.

The Stretch is a Class 2 e-bike with a right-hand twist throttle for pedal-free power up to 20 mph and five degrees of pedal assistance. A 500W Pedego hub motor, driven by a sizable 48V 13Ah external battery, is installed between the seat tube and the back wheel of the step-through frame to offer that assistance. Regardless of what you need them for, the back rack features guards around the upper halves of the rear tire to protect your bags or your passengers’ clothing. In addition, they will keep mud and cloth away from you and the gear cluster, respectively.

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How Do Pedego Bikes Work?

Because Pedego bikes are electric bikes, they are powered by an electric motor and pedal power, in contrast to the traditional bicycle, which is only powered by pedal power.

The bike’s back wheel receives power when the electric motor is turned on, propelling it forward, making it possible for them to offer support as you travel or ride about town.

Most e-bikes employ one of two power delivery methods: power-on-demand or pedal assist. Each style has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. A throttle, trigger, button, or other mechanism is generally used with power on demand to start the motor. With this type of e-bike, you may pedal without help, lessen the amount of pedaling required or entirely cease pedaling by turning on the motor. Most let you change the power setting to regulate your e-speed. bike’s

They also have a battery pack that can be charged using the same energy as your house at a charging station. The bike’s batteries have a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) when completely charged before they need recharging.

Cost of Pedego Bikes

The average price of an e-bike is around $500, and the most costly models may cost up to $8,000, a large price range that, even at the lower end, dwarfs the price of a traditional bike.

Unfortunately, Pedego electric bikes are also rather costly, with the Element-Fat Tire being the least expensive at $1895 and the Ridge Rider and Trail Tracker being the most expensive at $4495. Even though this may be a moderate price range for this business, it is still a high cost for the common person.

Do they justify the cost? The majority of individuals would agree that Pedego bikes are worthwhile investments. These motorcycles were created with the consumer in mind and are of the highest caliber, which is not simply a generalization; Pedego has developed and is working to uphold a reputation over the past few years.

Final Thoughts

In essence, Pedego does not produce the most affordable or aesthetically pleasing e-bikes on the market. However, Pedego’s success came from the idea that their bikes are highly entertaining, useful, adaptable, and simple to ride.

A Pedego electric bicycle is an excellent option if you want an electric bike that won’t give you a headache and will function when needed.

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