A Complete Guide to Nakto Electric Bikes

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With the electric bike leading the $40+ million industry of all types of bikes right now, you have so many options. Some people find the electric bike as a second or even a first vehicle for reliable transportation to work, household errands, and even for fun. It’s not easy, though, to weed through the selection of the electric bike brands and even the types of electric bikes. You can find a little motorcycle in the options from the high-end electric bike brands like Segway. You can find a happy medium with a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike with a high-class Onyx. Although this sounds like a great bike option, if you want to spend a pretty penny or 3 to 6 thousand pennies, this is for your bike. However, if you’re getting into the electric bike swing of things, or you are looking for a quality yet cheap electric bike that fits your budget, the Nakto Electric Bike will be your answer.

Beware of Amazon and Walmart Electric Bike Brands

While there are many great options for a wide variety of budget-friendly products on Amazon and now Walmart’s website, the quality of the products is a very sketchy business. Since Amazon lends anyone a business a page on the Amazon site, they’re not necessarily assured of quality and great customer service. You seem to have a lot of broken and missing parts in order, and some lack customer care. The brands reneging on warranties and the electric bike customer review that’s seen over and over that warn, “don’t buy this electric bike unless you have Amazon Prime!!” are prevalent on the Swagtron, Eahora, Addmotor, Maxfoot, and Samebike product pages on Amazon.com. Amazingly, the monthly 13-dollar difference makes in Amazon Purchases. With Amazon Prime, you get protection with free returns and 30-day grace periods that coincide with unpleasant electric bike customer review occurrences. Here are some samples of these off-brands’ electric bike customer reviews:

Electric Bike Customer Review Postings

2.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2022

Verified Purchase

“Not the bike that is advertised!”

1.0 out of 5 stars Worst experience I’ve ever had on Amazon

Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2021

Verified Purchase

“The worst experience I have ever had! Out of the box, the headlight and taillight did not work The handlebars would not stay tightened, and the chain kept falling off. Amazon was able to give me a small credit, but it does not make up for the time and money I will spend fixing the bike on my own.”

What Makes an Electric Bike Good?

After seeing how awry taking a chance on an electric bike based on price can go, it’ll be so refreshing to know that you can finally get a high-quality electric bike for a reasonable price. We can show you what to look for when you’re browsing the internet for your next bike. First, you’ll want to check out your prospective bike’s hub motor capacity, battery, pedal-assist system (PAS), and tires.

Hub Motor on an Electric Bike

On the motor of your prospective electric bike, you’ll need to know about the amp-hour and Watts to decide on the usage you’ll expect to gain from it. For example, if you only plan to use it to get to and from work or run errands, you can get away with a smaller motor of 250-350W and usually 10 Amp-hours. If you want a fun-loving bike that lets you demolish all terrains, you’ll need a bigger hub motor of 500-750W with a 5 or 10 amp-hour (Ah). Some motors are in different locations on the bike, like on the mid-body or the front wheel, but most are placed strategically in the rear wheel and are called the rear hub motor—the placement of the hub motor matters. You’ll experience a push or a pull while riding your bike with an odd placement.

Electric Bike Battery

The electric bike runs on a battery. So, with an electric bike, the battery is its life. Usually, a bike runs on a lithium-ion or other heavy-duty battery. A battery gives the bike a range of miles and sometimes has an optimizer built into it to give extra life. Most battery types are swappable or replaceable to get the most out of your newfound passion. With a replaceable battery, you can purchase an extra battery or two and keep them with you for extra long trips on the electric bike. Ultimately, the battery wants to be covered for water and impact resistance, but it’s not entirely necessary. If you’re not interested in hitting the trails on the bike, or you can take another household vehicle to the grocery store in the rain, a covered battery is nice but not vital. The battery is a vital part of your electric bike for everything from pedal assist to running the motor.

Pedal-Assist for the Electric Bike

PASs are a Godsend to riding long distances with the electric bike, getting to top speed fast, and conquering rough terrains. If you don’t want to use the pedal-assist feature, you don’t need to. However, some bikes have pedal assist that surrounds the bike’s mode. So, for example, the pedal-assist is available in the normal or sport mode, so you can utilize the manual pedaling in the first gear, which is usually an “eco” or “low’ mode. As mentioned already, the pedal-assist runs from the battery power, so if you’re using the bike manually, the pedal-assist will be either unavailable or minimally available until the bike is on.

Electric Bike Tires

Usually, the tires of the electric bike are at a minimum of 4 inches wide, and then there’s the fat tire bike. With the fat tire electric bike, the tires are wide enough for challenging weather conditions like snow and ice and challenging terrains like sand and steep inclines. Many tires are puncture resistant and almost indestructible. However, like any good things, they will end. A set of bike tires will inevitably need changing and reparations. Some bike builds don’t permit easy changing of the wheels, but fortunately, newer electric bikes make the job as easy as unscrewing a couple of bolts atop a bike jack. You will decide on the bike you need to get based on the terrain that you and it’ll be riding on. If you have challenging terrains, you’ll love a fatter tire bike, but if you’re cruising around town on basic city streets, you will love an electric hybrid bike that’s a little road bike and a little mountain bike. Don’t worry; we’ll cover the types of electric bikes there are. But first, let’s delve into our favorite self-proclaimed cheap electric bike brand, Nakto.

Nakto Electric Bike Company

The fact that these bad boys are made in the Republic of China may make you want to dismiss the brand automatically, but in reality, this electric bike company is good. With bases in the United States, the bike brand is world-class. The US-based service facilities and warehouses give you a localized and dedicated team of Americans who know their stuff. You don’t have to go to Amazon and wander through the millions of pages of knock-off brands, giving yourself a headache. You’ll know you’re getting the best parts for your electric bike with their Shimano gear shifters and the rear hub motors running lithium-Ion battery packs. The customer care is phenomenal within the Nakto world-class electric bike company just by the by. You can get a quality bike with different features that are all top-notch and for the lowest prices on the planet. Starting at 600 bucks and capping off at $1,499, the Nakto electric bike company may be the answer to your bike prayers.

Different Kinds of Electric Bikes

First, if you’re in the market for a new electric bike, it will help you be familiar with what each bike is and does. While many people who are surfing the web for a new bike are already semi-familiar with all the things electric bikes, a few aren’t sure that there are even different functions, let alone different types of electric bicycles. It will be an invaluable read if the latter of the two is you. Even if you think you already know all there is to know, still read on as a refresher. It never hurts to be sure of what you think you know.

Mountain Bike and Road Bike (Hybrid Bike)

The electric hybrid bike is just like a hybrid in a traditional bike but with a motor and a battery that sets it apart. The hybrid electric bike joins the best of the performance and visibility of a road bike and the comfort of a mountain bike, giving it pedal assist and a bit of torque and speed. And the hybrid can pack on a good amount of weight and handle moderately rough terrains and smooth city streets. This bike is by far the most versatile in its designs. First, the electric hybrid bike is commonly fashioned into an electric commuter bike, an off-road hybrid electric bike, a recreational hybrid electric bike, and a hybrid city electric bike. Many of these designs have a comfortable saddle and upright handlebars for all-day riding, no matter the type of hybrid electric bike you choose.

Fat Tire Bike and Cargo Bike

The fat tire electric bike is a great way to get to work or other obligations without getting frostbitten or breaking a sweat while doing it. The bike can handle snow, ice, sand, and cut-throughs of the woodlands. When adding the electric component, you can get there much faster without doing any of the pedal work. A cargo electric bike can move an inexplicable amount of stuff in one fell swoop. With the Nakto cargo electric bike, you can move another person other than yourself, the rider. The idea here is you can typically move 120lbs of stuff in one load, two kids, or another person. The electric cargo bike is either designed with a mid-drive or hub motor and is equipped with a throttle and pedal assist for the 120-pound loads it carries for you. These particular electric bicycles are gaining in popularity with the opportunity to replace a family car with a load-pushing cargo electric bike.

Moped, Cruiser Bike, and Electric Dirt Bike

We all have seen a moped competing for space on the highway with its cartoonish horn that still gets you safely to and from home. A moped is now more advanced and made in more stylish manners, and some are called the new café racers. The moped is all assisted with no pedals sometimes and has enough gumption to be street legal, so it’s a whole way to get around that’s been innovated upon since the 1800s. A cruiser bike is like a mix between a moped and a city bike and is the cheapest of all the electric bicycles. An electric dirt bike, also called a dirt e-bike, is a great way to get around the gas prices that are climbing too steadily. The dirt e-bike gets you more playtime without the maintenance of a gas-powered dirt bike. The mopeds and dirt electric bike types are typically in a higher price range like $3K and up.

Foldable Bike

The most innovative electric bike to flood the market is the foldable electric bike that folds in half and has the same impeccable performance as any other electric bike. You can forget about having a stolen bike and all that mess if you can fold it up and carry it to the elevator or the subway terminals. The foldable bike is for convenience and your sense of security. The electric bike is lightweight, easy to ride, and easily snaps open or closed. The bike folds in half, so the wheels are side by side and easy to store under your desk, in a closet at home, and you will always have eyes on it. Never worry about your bike’s whereabouts again with a foldable electric bike.

The Top 7 Nakto Electric Bikes to Get You on Your Way

Now that you have the all-encompassing information you need to make a well-informed decision, do you think you’re ready for the bicycle experience of your life? And just a quick reminder, you need to decide what your new bicycle will be used for, then how much you’ll use it daily, some days, or just on the weekends. These questions you can pose to yourself will keep you on track with what you need from the bicycle rather than buying a different bike because it has more bells and whistles attached. Read on for the top 7 Nakto bites we recommend.

1. The Nakto Discovery Fat Tire Bike

The name of this electric bicycle kind of gives it all away, doesn’t it? Don’t you worry because there’s way more to this beauty than fat tires? What if you could make way on city streets all week long and then forge your trails on the off days? With this Nakto electric bike, just about anything is possible. The sleek design of the carbon steel step-thru frame and the large adjustable saddle up to 26″ make it easy for anyone to blaze their trails on the electric bicycle. The 20″ fat wheels with spoked rims contain the 350W hub motor, and the front and rear wheels feature your V-brakes. The front fork suspension system allows you to get a smooth and comfortable ride when you’re out and about in the city. The 350W brushless rear hub motor has a max output of 45Nm of torque and will cover a 22-mile range before the battery needs to recharge. Speaking of the battery, the sizable 48V/8 amp-hour battery is cleverly integrated into the downtube for riding in all weather conditions. Well, because you can’t call into work or skip school just because it’s storming outside, unfortunately. The Discovery Fat Tire Electric Bicycle is perfect for weekday commuting and raising all kinds of heck on the weekend.

Nakto Discovery Fat Tire Bike
Photo source: nakto.com

Discovery Specs

The Discovery has all the perks mentioned above, like the 350W rear hub motor getting you up to 45Nm, the big juicy 48V/8Ah battery with 4-hour battery life, or a 22 to 26-mile range of distance. Plus, the battery in your Nakto electric bike is completely replaceable or swappable for longer leisure rides or all-day commutes. The 20″ wheels and spoked rims on the fattest fat tires are more than enough to crush any commute in weather conditions. The front and rear feature V-brakes are a type of disc brakes, and an impressive suspension system. The Shimano 6-speed derailleur and the five settings for pedal-assist for better control over the terrain while riding your Nakto electric bike. Track your trips, battery life, and more on the LCD screen atop the handlebars. This bike is the ultimate and is an ideal bicycle for everyday use.

2. Skylark Folding Electric Bike

The grand feature overall is the folding feature, of course. But in the grand scheme, the other features like the accessories, the battery and rear hub, and the brakes make the folding electric bike what it is now. The classic folding design is convenient but the stylish bicycle, while unfolded, is nothing short of elegant with the 16″ spoked rims on the tires below the fenders. You can take this bike anywhere or leave it when it’s more convenient to lock it up at a bike rack. And speaking of racks, the bike is equipped to handle grocery or other shopping trips with a sturdy carbon steel rear rack. From the 250W rear hub motor, you can get to a decent 38Nm of torque. With the full battery, you can hit the 22-mile range before a small recharging break of 4 hours is in order.

On the other hand, the fact that the battery is removable means you can carry an extra battery and swap them out on longer explorations. The 36V/10Ah lithium battery is placed in the downtube of the electric bike’s carbon steel mid-body for the weatherproof battery. With the pedal assist and the handlebar throttle, you can extend the life of the range and get to your destination faster.

Nakto Skylark Folding Electric Bike
Photo source: nakto.com

Skylark Specs

All the 250W brushless hub motor brings you is combined with a Shimano 6-speed derailleur for a seamless ride no matter the terrain. The 22-mile and up range and 4-hour recharge of the 36V/10Ah lithium battery is the life center of the electric bicycle, but one can ride the bike manually and successfully. The reflectors in the tires, headlight, and battery capacity monitor are for all the safety and security of the rider. And it would be best if you didn’t forget the uber-flexible folding frame for the ultimate convenience. The foldability, along with the other features of the bike, is the best electric bike for so many people. The versatility doesn’t stop until the folding bike has a variety of colors like orange and black, yellow and black, white and black, and finally, black and black.

3. The Super Cruiser Electric Bike

The Super Cruiser fat tire electric mountain bike comes in two sizes: a 500W and a 700W brushless geared hub motor. Although the 500W rear hub motor option with the 48V/10Ah lithium battery power is nice, so is the bigger motor option. Since this is the most expensive electric bike the Nakto brand sells, you may as well go big or stay home. The Super Cruiser fat tire electric bike is a supercharged mountain bike so that you can roam the streets on it or flatten the terrain God gave you with its 26″ fat tires. These wheels are for crushing the most rugged terrains on the planet, snow, sand, gravel, and the bumpiest roads. The Shimano 6-speed gears will make mountains seem like molehills with the five pedal assist modes to get you anywhere and back home. On the flat handlebars lies an LCD panel that tells you the battery power level. And the electric mountain bike is downright electrifying- hence the price tag.

Nakto Super Cruiser Electric Bike
Photo source: nakto.com

Super Cruiser Specs

Of course, we know about the 500W version’s specs and a good bit about the 750W version’s specs, but there’s more. What’s an electric bike without a superb lithium-ion 48V/12Ah battery that goes down in the downtube and lets you cruise for 22+ miles before swapping that bad boy out? Or the max torque of 65Nm from the rear hub? It’s not complete until it’s fully equipped like this Super cruiser is. The specialized disc brakes can stop on a dime in any weather conditions. You’ll love this bike and the fact that the competition has an electric bike just like this one for three times as much in price.

4. Elegance City Cruiser

The Elegance City Electric Cruiser that doubles as a folding electric bike has a step-thru frame that glistens from the sheen of the white paint and light green lettering of the Nakto branding that is just so modern and cheery. The website says the bike is for women, but it also says it’s for men. Ultimately, the electric bicycle is versatile in its compact design, and it’s a snap to unfold or fold this folding electric bike. The 250W brushless geared hub motor is perfect for cruising the city streets with 35Nm of torque. The rear hub offers an additional seat for any who may ride with you. The rear hub is also great for strapping down a crate to finish some shopping. The battery life can be fully recharged in 4 short hours, and a full charge of the battery gives you 22+ miles of range. The 22″ spoked tires of this road bike and the suspension and the Shimano 5- speed gear shifter will make the moat arduous tasks fun again.

Nakto Elegance City Cruiser
Photo source: nakto.com

Elegance City Specs

Now, the 250W hub motor, 35Nm of torque, and an unbeatable battery life lend the electric bicycle its name. You can ride around town, get all the shopping, and more in elegance. The flat handlebars with the lowered seat make the bike more comfortable to ride every day. You won’t get any residual pain in your back since the design forces a straight back as you ride along. And the folding electric bike is easy to employ the foldable feature. The V-style disc brakes are amazing stoppers on the crowded city streets. All that this bike needs now is you riding it.

5. Classic City Stroller Electric Bike

The Nakto electric bike store has a bike or two for every need. The Classic City Stroller is dripping in style with the classic ivory paint job complete in a beautiful sheen. The word “classic” adorns the side, and it’s timeless. The electric bike allows for single-speed pedal work with the riding throttle mode and lets you enjoy the scenery around you as you ride around town. The Shimano 6-speed gets you up steep hills, and the woven basket on the front of the electric bicycle is adorable yet completely functional. With your safety in mind, the bike has a headlight and taillight for riding at night.

Nakto Classic City Stroller Electric Bike
Photo source: nakto.com

Classic City Stroller Specs

The Stroller electric bicycle will get you anywhere you want to go with the 250W brushless geared hub motor that gets 40Nm of torque at max output. And the battery at full charge (at 4 hours) has a 22+ mile range. The 36V/12 amp-hour lithium-ion battery is in the downtube for weatherproofing purposes, and the battery is replaceable and is swappable on longer trips. The disc brakes and the suspension fork are all cleverly put into the wheels, and you will love what they each do for you every time you ride it. The suspension fork makes the ride smooth, and the brakes are the stopping force for unforeseen events while riding the electric bike. This bike is for comfortable riding, like a baby in a stroller.

6. Folding OX Electric Cargo Bike

This big boy of a fat tire bike made the spirit of comfort and convenience the best electric bike for just that. The electric bicycle allows you to take this folding bike everywhere you go. The high-rise handlebars and low-seat saddle combine to make the perfect amount of comfort and style. The carbon steel rear rack gives you storage as the day of riding goes on. The rear rack is perfect for a crate that loads up groceries or other purchases to get them home securely. The fat tires are perfect for the all-weather towns and cities that get snow, hail, ice, and beach weather in all months of the year. If these occur in your city, fat tires and the folding bike design are the best electric bike ever for you.

Nakto Folding OX Electric Cargo Bike
Photo source: nakto.com

Folding OX Specs

The 500W brushless hub motor gets a max output of 52Nm of torque, and the 22 miles of range on a 4-hour charge will serve even the most demanding riders. The 48V/10Ah lithium battery is the best for even weight distribution for the fat tires and the rear rack, plus the person riding the electric bike. The five gears of pedal-assist and the Shimano 6-speed derailleur will make the off-road challenges seem easy peasy. The suspension fork is the best suspension system for off-road riding, and the disc brakes will be a dream for fast stopping.

7. Camel City Men’s Electric Bike

The Camel City electric bike is an electric road bike with an adjustable seat for the shorter humans ready to ride. The step-thru and flat handlebars are essential to the road bike design. Visiting flea markets and roadside stores are a few fun activities in the city you can enjoy. The electric bicycle loves the city streets and isn’t privy to riding off-road. The rear rack is perfect for all the purchases at the amazing places you encounter on your rides.

Nakto Camel City Men's Electric Bike
Photo source: nakto.com

Camel City Specs

The rear hub 250W motor gets the 35Nm of torque max with 36V of the battery. After the 4-hour charge, you’ll be riding for 22+ miles, and the 10Ah will assist in the battery life. The 24″ spoked tires will have the suspension fork of smooth sailing you’ll need for unscathed riding all over the city. The disc brakes are a necessity for shortstops in bicycle lane traffic. And the style you’ll be riding in is incomparable to anything else.

Ride Until the Battery Falls Off. Then, Get a New One!

Finally, we’ve come to a resting place, and surely, you’ve already found the electric bike of your dreams by now. After you get your bike and you feel like you need to add things to it, check out the Nakto electric bike store to get any accessories you want. Then, you’ll find that you’ve found the bicycle of your dreams. So, keep riding until the wheels fall off. No worries, you can replace any part with Nakto electric bike.

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